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Psychology Research Paper Topics [2023 Update]

One of the most important knowledge for a person today is the experience in psychology. To understand people, find a common language with them, be able to instantly adjust to any situation, always help yourself and others need to understand psychology. Psychology relates to young sciences and is full of still unexplored psychology research topics.

What Aims Psychology Research Topics? 

The research paper's aim should be directly related to the topic and anticipate the research result. The goal is what this academic piece of paper is written for, what you want to find out through the study. As a rule, there is only one goal in a research paper. The purpose of a research topic in psychology is usually to study, identify, consider, define, characterize, and prove. In any case, this academic piece of paper has to contain a certain novelty (search for new knowledge, new research methods or psychological practice or application of existing knowledge, research methods to new conditions) and creative approach to the solution of problems. 

The research tasks are divided into two groups: theoretical and empirical (observational). Theoretical problems are usually solved by analysis, synthesis, search for similarities and differences, classification and systematization of theoretical and empirical data available in the literature. 

Empirical problems are solved by collecting and analyzing data received by empirical methods such as observation, experiment, conversation, and questionnaires. 

A research paper on psychology usually contains one theoretical problem — identifying a problem that can be solved empirically. Therefore, hypothesis reasoning is a solution to a theoretical problem through literature analysis and comparison. The main conclusion in solving this problem is to determine what knowledge is lacking in present-day science, and your empirical research will be directed to its search.

Effective Tips to Write a Perfect Psychology Research Paper 

Pick up an interesting topic. Your psychology research paper will be more successful if a researched topic drags your attention. If you have no trouble with choosing a topic, you are lucky! Otherwise, you have to grab any chance to generate a question to start discussing.

Cultivate proper ideas. Make sure you are developing a valid issue in your psychology research paper that helps people to answer their questions and figure out something for themselves.

Do thorough research. The background information should be taken from credible resources and include actual data and facts. The wrong interpretation of information can lead you to faulty outcomes and a low grade.

Write precisely and accurately. This step could be really tough as you need to keep in mind a lot of data and write, sticking to the main point in each psychology research paper. Don’t forget to make a catchy introduction, be careful when enumerating methods and results of your research, think through your findings and their meanings. Besides, use correct professional terms and structure your work according to the instruction.

Proofread a psychology research paper. No matter how attentive you are during the writing process, you might have missed something or made some errors. After you complete your outline, look through your work one more time to avoid grammar mistakes, typos and repetitions.

150 Engaging and Little-Explored Psychology Research Topics

Here we have 150 catchy topics on psychology that are divided into various subgroups you can pick up to create a well-structured paper or get your custom research paper written. 

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

  1. Changing of Short-Term Memory With Age
  2. What Keeps Our Cognitive Skills Sharp?
  3. Impact of Parenting Style on Children Behavior
  4. Birth Order and Its Influence on Procrastination
  5. Music Impact on Exam Performance
  6. Psychological Traumas in Children
  7. Reasons for Being Aggressive Development in Teenagers
  8. Experiments Effects on Development Psychology of Students
  9. What Factors Change Our Personality in the Lifespan?
  10. Happiness as a Genetic Condition
  11.  Causes of Antisocial Behavior
  12.  Importance of Reading Psychological Literature
  13.  Development of Self-Confidence in Teens
  14.  Ways of Personal Development in Old Age
  15.  How to Reduce Fighting Tendency in Young Students? 

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Examples of Sociology Theories to Real-Life Situations
  2. How to Detect Lies
  3. Using Persuasion in Advertisements
  4. Influence of Implicit Attitudes on Human Response
  5. The Essence of Milgram’s Obedience Experiment
  6. Violation of Social Norms and Humans Attitude to It
  7. Social Media Makes Us Less Interactive in Real Life: Myth or Reality?
  8. Impact of Our Appearance on the Way People Talk to Us
  9. Role of Facial Expressions During Conversation
  10.  Types of Persuasive Techniques
  11.  What Is a “Halo Effect”?
  12.  Key Points of Interpersonal Relationships in Social Psychology
  13.  Bystander Effect as a Social Phenomenon
  14.  Meaning of Social Identity
  15.  How to Avoid Peer Pressure?

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

  1. Reasons for Encountering Memories
  2. Social Bias of Autism
  3. Critical Thinking Ability and Its Measurement in Psychological Experiments
  4. Impact of Speech Disorders on Children’s Lives
  5. How to Recover Memory Loss?
  6. Color Psychology
  7. Decision-Making Capacity in Young People
  8. What Affects Problem-Solving Abilities?
  9. Types of Cognitive Mental Illnesses
  10.  How Do Video Games Help Kids With Special Needs?
  11.  Visual Aids in Creating Memories
  12.  Consequences of Past Thoughts Constant Reflection
  13.  Motivation and Rewards: Literature Review
  14.  Positive Emotions as Contributor to Happiness
  15.  Reading and Spelling Disabilities Among Children

Sports Psychology Research Topics

  1. Ways to Develop Inner Motivation to Achieve Success
  2. Disadvantages of Low-Confidence in Athletes
  3. Consequences of Good Psychological Shake: Real Examples
  4. How to Get Ready for Competitions Psychologically?
  5. Mental Role of Coaches
  6. How to Pull Together in a Stressful Situation: Sportsmen’s Experience
  7. Ways to Avoid Getting Out of Control During a Sports Match
  8. How Do Sports Psychology Help Athletes?
  9. Importance of Maintaining Permanent Psychology in Sportsmen
  10.  How to Deal With Aggressive Sports Behavior?
  11.  Consequences of Having a Good Behavior Among Sportsmen
  12.  Physiological Effects of Taking Doping in Sports
  13.  Emotions Outburst in Women’s Sports
  14.  Gender Studies Issues in Sports Psychology
  15.  Psychological Recovery After Sports Injuries

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

  1. Shock Therapy in Treating Phobias
  2. Treatment of Addicted Patients: Method of Emotional Support
  3. Most Effective Types of Therapy in Treating Behavioral Disorders in Children
  4. Types of Mental Disorders
  5. Long-Term Effects of Trauma in Middle-Aged People
  6. How Do Anxiety Disorders Affect Life-Expectancy?
  7. Potential Risks and Preventative Strategies for Depression
  8.  Self-Esteem as a Factor That Impact Adolescent Mental Health
  9. Pros and Cons of Online Therapy
  10.  Influence of Aging Process on Mental Illnesses
  11.  Distinctions Between Psychoanalytic Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  12.  Group Classes as a Type of Effective Therapy for Kids
  13.   Positive and Negative Peer Pressure
  14.  Peer Pressure in Adulthood
  15.  The First Successful Therapy: Facts From History 

Criminal Psychology Research Topics

  1. How Can Socioeconomic Status Lead to Crime Commitment?
  2. Juvenile Murders Backgrounds
  3. Role of Criminal Psychology
  4. Serial Killers as Victims of Psychological Traumas
  5. Psychological Reasons For Mass Killings in America
  6. Importance of Forensic Psychologists
  7. Consequences of Domestic Violence Neglection
  8. Profiler’s Duties
  9. How Could Forensic Psychologists Use Social Media?
  10.  Lie Detector as a Helpful Tool for a Profiler
  11.  Criminal Behavior Has a Genetic Background: History Examples
  12.  What Is a “Strain Theory”?
  13.  Types of Crimes and Their Peculiarities
  14.   Encouragement of Social Learning Theory by Prison
  15.  Connection of Mental Disorders and Criminal Behavior

Educational Psychology Research Topics

  1. Teaching Dyslexic Children: Possible Challenges
  2. Principles of Educational Psychology
  3. How to Develop Inner Motivation in Teenagers?
  4. Impact of Bullying at School on Self-Esteem
  5. Using of Cases Methods in Educational Psychology
  6. Ethics of School Psychologists
  7. How to Overcome the Leaning Crisis in Senior Students?
  8. Having a Model as a Mandatory Condition to Teach Children With Mental Disorders
  9. Role of Cognitive Development
  10.  Quantitative Methods in Educational Psychology
  11.  History of Educational Psychology
  12.  Theories Applied in Educational Psychology
  13.  Herbert Simon’s Significant Contribution to Educational Psychology
  14.  Appropriate Study Load for Each Age
  15.  Impact of Self-Worth Perception on Academic Achievements

Mental Health Research Topics

  1. Reasons for Self-Destructive
  2. Factors That Cause a Panic Attack
  3. Influence of Video Games on Children’s Behavior
  4. Consequences of Untreated Depression on Human Activity
  5. Heart Diseases as a Result of Sleep Disorders
  6. Ways to Treat Social Anxiety
  7. Psychological Causes of Eating Disorders
  8. Music That Causes Violence
  9. Consequences of Lifelong Depression
  10.  Symptoms and Treatment of ADHD
  11.  What Is Cataplexy?
  12.  How to Deal With Dementia?
  13.  Environmental Influence on People With Autism
  14.  Etiology of Schizophrenia
  15.  Life Events That Can Endanger Mental Health
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