100 good argumentative essay topics. Find fresh ideas absolutely free

100 good argumentative essay topics. Find fresh ideas absolutely free

What Is an Argumentative Essay Topic?

As a part of the study, each student has to write essays from time to time. Truth be told, this type of academic assignment is one of the simplest that one may face in high school, college, or university. However, some types of essays require specific preparations and skills. One of them is an argumentative essay.

It is not difficult to figure out that this type of essay predetermines that you need to provide argumentations which demonstrate your support or disapproval of the main idea of the paper. That is a brief explanation. If you need a more detailed answer to a question “What is an argumentative essay?", let’s choose a topic and see what elements one needs to include. For instance, the topic of our argumentative essay is “Tobacco products have to be prohibited as they damage health.”


First, you need to decide whether you support the idea that tobacco products are harmful to health or not. That will be a starting point in your essay which has to shape the flow of your thoughts. For example, we decide to take the position that tobacco products are dangerous, so we are against them. NOTE! You cannot take both sides at the same time.


Whatever position you choose, you need to provide argumentations. Otherwise, your statements will be baseless and groundless. In our case, the reasons why tobacco products are harmful are the statistics of people who have cancer caused by smoking and the death rate as a result of using tobacco products.  


It is not enough just to say that smoking is wrong because it can cause cancer. To make readers believe you and share your view, you need to support your position with references and in-text citations. Hence, we cannot say that every year thousands of people die from cancer caused by tobacco products. The correct piece of evidence should be the following, “In According to information provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States.”


After you provide solid argumentation, you need to show the opposite side of the discussed issue. The goal of counterarguments is to demonstrate that the contrary opinion exists, but it is false. If one simply silences the opposite position, an argumentative essay will be unfinished since your argumentation might not persuade the readers with a different opinion. Hence, you need to dispel or at least implant doubt in the minds of the readers with a different point of view. That’s how an argumentative essay works.

How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

Now, when writing an argumentative essay doesn't seem such a tough task anymore, and you have learned what elements to include, there is another problem. How to select an excellent topic for an argumentative essay? Sometimes this process may take you a couple of minutes, but in some cases, it may last up to a few hours. Besides, it may also happen that in the middle of your essay, you will understand that the topic is not as good as it seemed in the beginning. You start feeling that you have no good argumentation to state your position or you are not sure that your essay is persuasive enough.

To avoid such a situation and save your time, you have to do some preparations in advance before start working on your assignment.

Select five topics

Select a few topics which you like the most. You always need to have some extra ones.

Generate ideas

Think and write down all the ideas that you have about each of the selected topics. Create lists for each topic to see how many arguments and counterarguments you can make.

Separate the best

Once you compare the lists with ideas, you’ll see that even some good argument essay topics lack a strong position. Choose the topic which has more arguments and ideas than others, and that will be your best topic for the assignment.

100 Good Argumentative Essay Topics

If you have spent too much time or, on the contrary, you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about a good essay topic; there is a solution that you will like. We have prepared a huge list of 100 essay topics subdivided into categories for your consideration. Read them, save your time, and choose what you like the most.

General Topics

  1. What is better, Twitter or Facebook?
  2. What food is tastier, pizza or hamburger?
  3. The most famous actor of all times
  4. The most underestimated movie
  5. Why do TV series become more popular nowadays?
  6. Why are people so dependant on social networks?
  7. The best pet
  8. Will ebooks replace paper books?
  9. Does talent help to achieve greater success?
  10. What are the most required specialists today?

Topics about Food

  1. What food is tastier, homemade or a fast food one?
  2. Should children avoid eating snacks until the age of 12?
  3. Are soft drinks dangerous?
  4. How many soda drinks should kids have per day?
  5. Is there any difference between various fast-food restaurants?
  6. Boiled food is healthier than fried one.
  7. How much water should people drink a day?
  8. Do energy drinks give energy?
  9. Is pizza a snack?
  10. Can people be healthy without eating a meal?

Topics about Teenagers

  1. Are teenagers more dependant on gadgets than any other age group?
  2. Should teenagers be allowed to drink alcohol earlier?
  3. At what age is it acceptable for teenagers to have sex?
  4. Why do teenagers watch pornography?
  5. Why cannot teenagers live a day without a smartphone?
  6. Should teenagers work during summer holidays?
  7. At what age should parents stop giving teenagers pocket money?
  8. Why do teenagers spend so much time playing online games?
  9. Are teenagers more affected by bad habits?
  10. Why do teenagers skip school more often than kids?

Social Media Topics

  1. Social networks make people more communicative and open
  2. Internet smashes boundaries between nations
  3. Nudity in social networks
  4. Why do people photoshop their photos?
  5. How do standards of beauty affect people’s perception of beauty?
  6. Do people spend too much time on social networks in vain?
  7. Does social media create a false image of life?
  8. Should people accept social media profiles as a life guide?
  9. Does social media change the way we communicate?
  10. Could people live without social media today?

Art Topics

  1. Are the most popular movies the best?
  2. How does fashion effect art?
  3. What is art and what is not art?
  4. Is music art?
  5. Why are some amateur films better than expensive professional ones?
  6. Should movies contain explicit nudity scenes?
  7. Is graffiti an art form or an act of vandalism?
  8. What genre of music is difficult to call music?
  9. Is racism a common phenomenon in the film industry?
  10. Are there any signs of sexism in modern films?

Sports Topics

  1. Does sport always mean physical activity?
  2. Can computer games be considered a sport?
  3. Can one be a successful athlete without steroids?
  4. Why do sports teams not consist of women and men?
  5. Why is soccer one of the most popular sports games in the world today?
  6. Why should people do sports?
  7. Should people do sports to be healthy or they need to be fit to do sports?
  8. Is golf a sport?
  9. What is more necessary to become a good athlete, to have the talent or a tough coach?
  10. What sports games can be considered neither a sport nor a game?

Environment Topics

  1. Why have people become so concerned about the state of the environment today?
  2. How to make people change their behavior to protect the environment
  3. What are the main causes of air pollution?
  4. What country causes the biggest damage to the environment?
  5. Are the current environmental protection strategies effective?
  6. What are the main reasons for global warming?
  7. Why do glaciers melt?
  8. Are cars the primary source of CO2 pollution?
  9. Should people give up on petrol cars and give preference to electric vehicles?
  10. Is there a connection between environmental problems and species extinction?

Study Topics

  1. Is bullying still an acute problem for students?
  2. How to do all homework on time
  3. What should students know before choosing a college?
  4. What things to take to college
  5. Can a teacher and a student be friends?
  6. Is distant learning effective?
  7. Do excellent grades always mean a high level of intelligence?
  8. Can a student be a great athlete and have high grades at the same time?
  9. How do sports affect study?
  10. What is the best time for learning?

Modern Technologies

  1. How have modern technologies changed the lives of people over the last centuries?
  2. What are the negative and positive outcomes of modern technologies?
  3. What are the most useless modern technologies?
  4. Are all modern technologies necessary and bring only positive changes?
  5. Do gadgets make people more addicted to technologies?
  6. Why cannot people live a day without a smartphone?
  7. Is artificial intelligence a real threat?
  8. Can video games be useful or is it only a pleasant pastime?
  9. Will people use robots as personal servants in the nearest future?
  10. Why are people so dependant on technologies?

Other Topics

  1. Why is it so important for people to get married?
  2. What is the best religion to follow?
  3. What is the role of sleep?
  4. What are the causes of sexual harassment in the workplace?
  5. Is it unethical not to have children?
  6. At what age do children become adults?
  7. How many friends may a person have?
  8. Does a friendship between a man and a woman exist?
  9. What are the dangers of fast food?
  10. Why is racism not acceptable?

What to Do When You Have Selected a Topic?

Once you have finished selecting good argument essay topics and could finally pick the best one, you have to deal with another issue. How do you write a good paper on the chosen topic? As always, there are a few options. The most obvious one is to write the assignment alone. But let’s be honest, not all students are good at writing, not everyone has plenty of time to write a task well, and finally, not all students always have a great desire to spend a lot of time on writing yet another essay.

The second option will not require doing any of the things mentioned above. You will not need to spend time or have great skills to create a perfect assignment. All you need to do is to get the assistance from true academic professionals on homeworkfor.me. So, why is it a good idea to hire experts to work on your argumentative essay topics?

There are three reasons:

1. Academic writers

They are professionals. Each of the writers who work there has completed like 2-3 hundred of various academic assignments on different topics. That’s why they are experienced and skillful enough to cope with any argumentative essay at a stroke.

2. Time-saving

You will spend about 10 minutes to place an order and provide all the necessary instructions. Then, a writer will be assigned to your paper, and you will not need to worry about anything anymore. A true expert will work on your essay, while you can enjoy your free time.

3. Great result

In the end, you will receive a well-written paper completed by a real academic professional. You can request a revision if you need to change something in the received document, and it is free. And finally, you will get a 100% unique paper with no grammatical errors and proper formatting.

Which option is the best is for you to decide, but keep in mind that choosing a good topic for your assignment is half the battle, the other half is to write the paper well and in accordance with the deadline.

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