Fab Biology Research Topics for Students 2020

Fab Biology Research Topics for Students 2020

Awesome Biology Research Topics for College Students 

Students have to provide so many research papers each and every day. Doing an assignment to get an A-grade is hard, no doubt. It is challenging to find a fantastic topic for doing biology research writing. You have to pick not only relevant and interesting but an appealing topic. To complete a really great paper, it is necessary to do thorough research, to deal with controversial questions, and to read tons of literature about recent studies. The chosen topic for the biology paper has to be significant and to encourage discussion. 

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Interesting Biology Topics to write about Hormones

Hormones are an interesting field that requires deep and thorough research. There are so many diseases caused by the hormonal disbalance, and they haven’t been studied enough.  Pick a topic and create a paper about the functioning of hormones and their influence on people’s bodies. Maybe you will be the one who finds out a new way of treating hormonal imbalance and will contribute to this field. 

  • Influence of hormones on human bodies.
  • The connection between human behaviour and level of hormones.
  • Psychological problems as a result of the hormonal imbalance.
  • Changes of hormones during maternity.
  • Ways to control hormones of the reproductive system.
  • Therapies with the use of melatonin. 
  • Influence of cardio exercises  on hormones.
  • Oxytocin in treating some psychopathic disorders.
  • Hormones of the reproductive system.
  • Is depression caused by hormonal changes? 
  • Modern oxytocin studies.
  • Common symptoms of hypothyroidism.
  • Impact of hormones on people’s mind. 

Popular Biology Research Topics Related to Animal Life

Want to write an assignment about an animal world? Such topics are prevalent among undergraduates. As a rule, students choose them because they are quite easy and fun to research. Remember, that to do a really superb academic paper, you have to be interested in the topic you are going to write about. You will be enthusiastic and will try your best to create an excellent paper. Have a look at interesting biology topics, offered by our experts, and pick the one from the list. 

  • Pets and obesity.
  • Diet for dogs and cats.
  • Animal male pregnancy.
  • Influence of veganism on the beef production.
  • Animal abuse and fashion.
  • The peculiarities of the animal language.
  • Marine animals and their camouflage mechanism.
  • Protection of wild animals.
  • Is it ethical to test various cosmetic products on living beings? 
  • The most popular home pets and rules of keeping them. 

Interesting Biology Topics Concerning Ecological Issues

It is not a secret that our planet suffers from human behavior. Environmental-related topics are very important and have to be researched each and every day. Maybe, you’ll make a discovery and will be able to solve crucial environmental issues, choosing one of the popular biology research topics concerning ecological problems. Be the one who cares for the environment and wants to change the planet for the better! 

  • Ecological factors that have a significant influence on animal behavior.
  • Global warming and its consequences.
  • Ways to protect threatened species.
  • Human behaviour and its effect on animal life in Australia.
  • Pollution in the modern world.
  • Will polar bears become extinct?
  • Ecotourism and its benefits.
  • Is it possible that bees become extinct?
  • Pros and cons of organic farming.
  • Protection of species that are on the brink of extinction.
  • Herb ecology and environment.
  • How plants and animals react to changes in the environment.
  • Popular ways to protect wildlife. 

Cloning of People and Genetic Testing Biology Topics for Research

The most disputable biology research topics for college students deal with cloning, genetic testing, and moral issues connected to them. There are so many people who support cloning as well as those who are against it. The main aim of modern society is to find a balance between innovations and ethics. If you choose a topic from the following list, you will, no doubt, raise an important issue. Do thorough research and create an impressive paper concerning the moral side of cloning or genetic testing. Should the creation of human clones be allowed by law?

  • Genetically-modified organisms and their functioning.
  • Pros and cons of genetically-modified products.
  • Cloning and its influence on the world.
  • Various kinds of cloning.
  • Modification of DNA and Aging.
  • Most popular reasons of genetic mutations.
  • Organ transplants and ethic issues.
  • Is it dangerous to consume genetically-modified products? 
  • Development of organ transplantation thanks to human cloning.
  • Depression and genetic code. 
  • Influence of public opinion on scientific progress.
  • The origin of human cloning. 
  • Influence of genetics on obesity. 

Other Great Biology Topics for Doing Research Papers 

Want to impress your professor by the research paper? Pick the topic from the list we have prepared for you. Benefit from the unusual research topic and create an A-grade assignment. 

  • Immortality: are there any immortal creatures on the Earth?
  • Is it possible to domesticate foxes? 
  • Do we know everything about drug addiction?
  • Is meningitis a virus? 
  • Relation of planet health and extinction of some species.
  • Pros and cons of alternative medicine.
  • Homosexuality: is it common in the animal world? 
  • Vaccination: its pros and cons. 
  • Diseases caused by stress.
  • Communicable diseases and their evolution. 
  • How animals adapt to changes in the surrounding world. 
  • Consequences of the whale hunt. 

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