Biology Research Topics For College Students

Biology Research Topics for Students [2023 Update]

Scientists started to be involved in biology several years ago. At that time, people started taking an interest in the structure and development of all living creatures and plants. Lots of scientists have advanced in this activity quite well. Many discoveries, inventions, conclusions, and theories have been made, but many questions still remain unexplained. Scientists keep on studying every aspect of life. It's tough to explain many processes. We are glad that you have chosen this specialty for yourself. But biology research topics require a pile of special literature to be studied. 

What Is the Purpose of a Biology Research Paper?

Biology papers can be devoted to a wide variety of topics on botany, zoology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and other areas. The study’s problem field is often at the interface with other sciences (chemistry, physics, geography) or with human activity. 

The research paper on biology sets two main tasks for students: learn to work with thematic literature (find, analyze, and systematize the necessary information) and use the knowledge gained in practice. For this purpose, researchers use basic natural science methods like observation, comparison, experiment, historical method, and specific methods to study your own subjects. 

How to Write an Awesome Biology Research Paper Topics 

Brainstorm your ideas. Don’t hesitate to spend some of your precious time concentrating on what field of biology you are interested in and what you are willing to know more. Put down all your ideas that come to your mind. Later, you will be able to narrow your topic or expand it.

Choose a catchy topic to study and make a list of keywords you will use in your academic paper. Biology is full of various terms and definitions, and you had better write down all the necessary words.

Go over the background information related to your research paper topic to ensure you have enough facts, data, and examples.

Make a research paper outline. As a rule, interesting biology topics consist of an introduction, methods, results, discussions, and references. Your academic work should have a good structure to be readable.

Start writing. Be careful during the writing process and stick to the content of every section in your research paper.

Edit your draft. Writing a biology paper is hard work. Sometimes you can feel exhausted and make some errors. To avoid it, you could use grammar checkers to polish a paper. Read your academic piece of work to someone to be sure that it sounds smooth.

If everything is OK and your paper is error-free, submit it.

If you get stuck at the first step when you try to find a good research topic, you should look at our exciting research paper topics to ease your writing process and proceed with the background information collecting.

80 Captivating Biology Research Paper Topics for College Students

We don’t want to see you searching the Internet to find out worthy topics to research. Apart from the custom research paper, we can get you really good ideas to start your study.

Molecular Biology Topics

This biology part is dedicated to the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in organisms. Ideas and methods of genetics play an important role in medicine, microbiology, and genetic engineering, so your research won't get through without a trace.

  1. The Ribosome Structure
  2. The Genetic Code Ambiguity
  3. Genomics as a New Direction in Molecular Research in Post-Genome Era
  4. Comparative Characteristics of Bacterial Genomes, Archean and Eukaryote
  5. Development of Ideas About DNA as a Carrier and Source of Genetic Information 
  6. Biological Role of Proteins
  7. Toxic Proteins of Microbial and Plant Origin
  8. Similarities and Differences of Conformational Properties of RNA and DNA
  9. Development Stages and Formation of Molecular Biology as a Science
  10.  Structure and Properties of Nucleic Acids

Immune System Biology Research Topics

Immunological diseases include a large number of pathologies when the immune system is programmed to protect the body from external factors causing infectious diseases. Writing a research paper on the immune system can help to find new ways to prevent such diseases.

  1. Principles and Functions of the Immune System
  2. Antibodies and Antigen Receptors
  3. Basic Immune System
  4. Reasons for Violation of Immunity
  5. Cytokines
  6. Stages of Immunology Development and Its Main Achievements
  7. Molecular Structure of Immunoglobulins
  8.  Modern Approaches to Vaccine Development 
  9. Autoimmune states. The Concept of Autoantibodies and Autoantigens
  10.  Cells of the Immune System: Lymphocytes

Neurobiology Research Topics

Understanding the world around you, body control, and the maintenance of life results from communication between neurons. It’s always exciting to learn something new about our body, and you can easily do it if you choose to write a neurobiology research topic.

  1. Nerve Tissue Structure and Functions
  2. Basic Concepts and Principles of Central Nervous System
  3. Electrical and Chemical Synapses
  4.  The Concepts of Irritability, Excitability, and Conductivity
  5. Neuron Structure and Types of Neurons
  6. The Principle of Brain Functions Organization 
  7. Ways of Information Transmission in the Nervous System
  8. Motor Reflexes
  9. The Law of Bell-Magendie. Exceptions to the Law of Bell-Magendie
  10.  Spinal Shock

Animals Biology Research Topics

Animal life is considered fun and easy to research, and, as a result, animal research topics are in demand among college students. Look through the selection of topics we have prepared for you and enjoy your investigation.

  1. History of Zoology
  2. Cooperative Behaviors in Animals
  3. Diseases Caused by Parasites
  4. Animals Hybrids in the United States
  5. Life of Long Tongue Bat in Bolivia
  6. African Gray Parrots
  7. Migration of Golden Eagles
  8. Animal World Without a Man: What Would It Look?
  9. Influence of Global Warming on Animals
  10.  Rare Species of Butterflies in Europe

Plant Biology Research Topics

Plants play a very important role in human life. They are a food source and are used to produce fabric and paper, medicine, and some building materials. The wide range of topics will help you explore the real value of plants these days.

  1. Adaptation of Wild Trees and Shrubs for City Landscaping
  2. Effect of Temperature and Light on the Coffee Tree
  3. Mutual Influence of Plants
  4. Mutual Adaptations of Plants and Insects
  5. Lettuce as a Soil Bioindicator
  6. Plants as Symbols of Different Countries
  7. Amazing Plants of Planet Earth
  8. Cultivation of Plants in Bonsai Style
  9. Pot Plants That Are Dangerous for Human Health
  10.  Herbs for Human Immunity

Ecology-Concerning Subjects of Biology Research Topics

Environmental-related topics are vital to research today as our planet suffers from human activity. Starting a study on ecology-concerning topics leads you to reflect on urgent solutions that can help our planet.

  1. Pros and Cons of Ecotourism
  2. What Causes Species Extinction?
  3. Wildlife Protection
  4. How Does the Changing Environment Affect Animals?
  5. Common Tasks for Biology and Geography
  6. Background for Rain Forests Extinction
  7. Influence of Oil on Underwater World
  8. Pollution in the Contemporary World
  9. Consequences of Bees Extinction
  10.  Sources of Renewable Energy

Behavior and Hormones Biology Research Topics

Scientists have studied hormonal issues for a long time, and still, there are a number of unexplored questions. Picking up any topic on hormones, you might make a scientific discovery and contribute to this field.

  1. Role of Hormones in Metabolic Processes
  2. Nomenclature and Hormones Classification
  3. Functions of Steroid Hormones
  4. Does the Happy-Enzyme Really Exist?
  5. Testosterone in Females
  6. Behavioral Problems as a Result of Hormones Lack
  7. Impact of Hormones on Women’s Mental Health
  8. Food to Balance Hormones
  9. Hormones in the Reproductive System
  10.  Hormones That Cure Psychopathic Disorders

General Biology Research Topics

This section offers research projects on biology for theoretical and practical studies related to organisms' adaptation, ecology, evolution, use of artificial organs, and stem cells. Go over them thoroughly to pick up the most suitable one!

  1. Adaptation of Organisms to Environmental Conditions
  2. Biological Methods of Pest Control of Pot Plants
  3. Viruses as Non-Cellular Life Forms
  4.  Achievements of Biotechnology
  5. Impact of Stress on Human Health
  6. Modern Aspects of Biodiversity Problems
  7. The Process of Biosphere Evolution
  8. Mixed marriages. Research by scientists
  9. Stem cells and Growth of Organs and Tissues
  10.  Stress Resistance of the Human Body
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How to Deal With Biology Research Papers?

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