Best Observation Essay Topics in 2023

Top 20 Observation Essay Topics [2023 Update]

What Is an Observation Essay?

Observation Essay is direct research. This means that a person is engaged in the observation of some event, person or phenomenon, analyzes, and takes notes immediately. So, this is an essay about your observation of a research subject. This type of essay will allow the reader to perceive the subject of research as if he did it by himself. That is why it is very important to take notes and describe everything that you see in detail.

Observation papers can be a problem for students because often they do not know how to write them. They are not familiar with this essay format, and they do not know how to choose observation essay topics.

In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you have an interest in your topic. But if you have problems with observational writing, this should not be an obstacle for you to get a good grade. You can always ask to do my homework for me services on the website. Professional writers of this service will write a quality paper for you very quickly. will write any kind of paper for you, whether it is an essay on marketing project ideas or a historical assignment or whatever you want.

How to Write an Observation Paper

To understand how to write an observation paper, you need an outline your actions and follow them step by step. 

  • Essay Topic

Perhaps this stage is the most difficult. You need to come up with an idea for your paper and do not use old and hackneyed topics. This step can be difficult because you need to choose a topic that you understand well or that is of great interest to you.

If it is extremely difficult for you to choose a topic, you can consult with your teacher and find out what observational study ideas he or she considers interesting. Perhaps this will lead you to your own idea. Find out what topics students are most interested in, and you will know in which direction you need to think.

Your topic should allow you to engage your senses. The reader must have an opportunity to “see” your experience as his own. You must describe what you see, and also smells, tastes, sounds.

  • What Should Introduction Be?

So, you have chosen a topic. What’s next? If you start right away with a description of your observation, the work will not attract the readers. First, the readers should briefly learn about the topic of your research. This means that you need to write an introduction.

You can give a short description of your essay, explain the main idea of your observation. You also need to understand that an introduction is a part that should catch the attention. At this stage, the readers will decide whether your work is worth reading.

Try to arouse their interest in your topic. You can write a sentence in the format of a question for the readers or your personal statement. To do this, you need to intrigue the reader by adding a couple of interesting facts in the introductory part.

  • How Should It Look Like?

You wrote an introduction and are pleased that it turned out to be interesting. But what should be next? Now it is time to begin your observation.

Since you cannot observe the subject of your research and write an essay at the same time, you need to make notes. You should record what is happening, specifying the time, place, and date. Write notes by analyzing everything that you see and feel.

You must understand that the observation essay is different from other types of work. So here you should not only write down the general feelings but use a lot of adjectives. For example, when describing a smell, you should not write that something smells. You must describe this smell.

After you finish the research, you can start writing an essay. Use your notes. You must structure your article and edit it. Describe everything that happens in chronological order. Reread several times what you wrote until you are satisfied with the result. 

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, it is better to briefly describe your observations and tell about your personal impression of the research process. You can tell why it is important to pay attention to such topics.

And in the end, you can answer the questions that you left unanswered in the introduction. You can describe your personal attitude to the topic and give an answer that is acceptable to you. But at the same time, you can leave someplace for the readers’ imagination, and allow them to come up with their own conclusions. 

Observation Essay Examples Online: 20 Topics

See? As mentioned at the beginning of this article, choosing a topic is the worst thing that awaits you in the process of writing your observation essay. To make your task easier, our experts have compiled a list of observation essay topics.

Here are examples of interesting topics that you can use for your observation:

  1. How does caffeine affect your reaction?
  2. How does religion help to deal with problems?
  3. What are the “cures” for stress?
  4. Why are sweets bad for children’s behavior?
  5. Why do video games cause addiction?
  6. My role model.
  7. What can cartoons teach children?
  8. How do people react to breastfeeding women in public places?
  9. Where does uncertainty come from?
  10. Why do people get tattoos?
  11. How does success change a person?
  12. How do musical preferences shape?
  13. My first vacation with friends.
  14. The most embarrassing situation that happened to me.
  15. Why is the number of likes on social networks important to people?
  16. A film that I am willing to watch 100 times.
  17. Why are traditions important?
  18. Why is the Christmas atmosphere so magical?
  19. What role do superstitions play in our lives?
  20. Why do we take photos?

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