Psychology Research Topics and How to Choose a Good Subject

Psychology Research Topics and How to Choose a Good Subject

All the great psychology research topics have a challenging edge to them. Coming up with a topic to explore can be a tough task itself, let alone writing research and finishing the paper in a satisfactory way. The reason you are here is because you either couldn’t think of a good topic or wanted to make sure that yours is a good one.

We will provide you with the top fifty research topics for psychology students, but that is not all we will do for you. Our goal is to give you tips and direct you towards choosing a research subject, be it an idea or some other notion. Hopefully, you will learn a lot even by reading all the possible options, but it’s crucial that you select the topic that you care about and want to research thoroughly.

Focusing on a Specific Branch of Psychology

One of the key steps to getting a good topic is narrowing it down by stopping on a certain branch of psychology you are interested in exploring. That way, it will be easier to concentrate on a limited range of topics rather than scatter your focus and choose the one that would both have enough sources to use and let you thoroughly research the selected issue.

For example, if you are keen on social psychology, make or find a list of subjects that belong to that branch, and then pick one that would allow you to come up with a fresh idea for research. Make sure you choose an interesting enough angle that would offer enough materials and opportunities to explore it. Sometimes, deciding to write on a poorly-researched but good sounding topic can get you in a tight place halfway through your paper. Have a look at the topics we have prepared for you and grouped by branches.

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the adaptation techniques for people with learning difficulties at work?
  2. How does changing one’s geographical location affect the emotional condition?
  3. Does therapy have any benefits for couples that are emotionally focused?
  4. Dealing with substance abuse by a family member.
  5. Are there ways to deal with the bystander effect?
  6. How does having autistic children affect parents’ psychosocial status?
  7. Why should people use therapeutic divorce mediation?
  8. School’s role in teaching children to deal with difficulties.
  9. The primary reasons for discrimination and prejudice.
  10. Adjusting to physical illnesses.

Research Topics on Abnormal Psychology

  1. Dealing with personality disorders.
  2. How has the concept of insanity changed over time?
  3. Does modern capitalism cause the increase in antisocial behavior?
  4. What are the primary causes of schizophrenia?
  5. How much do perverse sexual behaviors influence a person’s life?
  6. What makes people become stalkers?
  7. What psychological effects does telling lies have for a person?
  8. Ways to reduce anxiety about death.
  9. How can therapy help in dealing with eating disorders?
  10. What makes people have suicidal thoughts.

Research Topics on Cognitive Psychology

  1. The effects Autism has on modern society.
  2. Using color psychology in studying cognitive development.
  3. Why do children have difficulties with solving problems?
  4. Measuring the ability to think critically in an experimental way.
  5. How can decision making be developed in children?
  6. The causes and effects of having repressed memories.
  7. Effective methods for dealing with ADHD.
  8. New techniques to measure the children’s attention span.
  9. Effective techniques for recovering memory loss.
  10. Helping children to lessen the impact of speech disorders on their lives.

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

  1. Treating anxiety disorders and panic attacks.
  2. What are the best practices against agoraphobia?
  3. The causes of abusive behavior in a relationship.
  4. The prospects of using therapy for criminals.
  5. Using psychology for controlling one’s chronic pain.
  6. Dealing with depression using cognitive behavioral therapy.
  7. The best use of antidepressants and various forms of therapy.
  8. The best therapy practices that help to tackle addictions.
  9. What effects does insomnia have in a clinical case?
  10. Understanding when it’s better to resist taking antidepressants.

Research Topics on Developmental Psychology

  1. What are the major causes of violence in children?
  2. Psychological reasons why some people are better at learning languages than others.
  3. Does the development of psychology help to solve the issue of bullying?
  4. What is the connection between parental development and child development?
  5. How much do the media really help to facilitate violence in children?
  6. Are there any psychological reasons behind the aging process?
  7. The evolution of gender roles.
  8. The less obvious roots of child abuse.
  9. What are the factors causing psychopathic behavior among teenagers?
  10. How has the development of psychology changed the traditional ways of raising children?

Extra Tips on Choosing a Psychology Research Topic

If you have a strong desire to use one of the research topics in psychology for college students we have provided above, go ahead. However, if none of them grabbed your attention, there are several other sources of inspiration you could use. We just possibly couldn’t list all the great topics one can come up with, but we will gladly share some pointers with you.

Writing About a Historical Figure

If you are fascinated with some historical figure that greatly influenced the development of psychology, you could write about that person. There are many things you can focus on with this type of research: biography, the individual’s career in psychology, important research, overall contribution to psychology.

Writing a Critique Paper

Another option is to write a critical analysis of a book on psychology or an article from an academic journal. It can either be one of the substantial works by a renowned psychology researcher whose studies greatly influenced this science or some more recent publication. If you don’t have any in mind, pick a subject you are most interested in and check the university library for psychology articles on that topic.

Writing About a Psychological Experiment

Some other great topics for research can be discovered by recalling some famous and highly influential experiments. Once again, the experiment itself would be the starting point, and it’s up to you what aspects to write about. It can be a summary of the experiment, the reasons that lead to conducting that experiment, or the analysis of its ethical aspects.

These are far from all the options you have, as psychology has a long and fascinating history of research, and perhaps even more unresolved issues that deserve your attention. As long as you are dedicated to the topic of your research, the potential of producing an insightful and highly-evaluated work is limitless.

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