American Dream Essay. 5 Ways It Can Go

American Dream Essay. 5 Ways It Can Go

What is the American Dream for you? This is the first question you should ask yourself before we dive into writing advice and tricks. We’ll talk about why no two American Dream essays are alike, and discuss your writing options, from the easiest to the most complicated.

What Is the American Dream?

Some believe that Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, or Jeff Bezos live the American Dream. However, your grandma playing Bingo every Friday night is also having the time of her life, and your cat is the embodiment of the American Dream. This concept surfaced back in 1933, and since then it has evolved and transformed many times. Some believe the American Dream is dead, while others spend their whole lives chasing it.

Opinions differ, and you won’t be able to find two people with the same take on the American Dream definition. While the feeling of happiness and wellbeing may be present in every answer, the details will be very different. For this reason, there are no right or wrong ways to discuss the American Dream. We’ll offer a few alternate takes, and you can choose whichever you like or create a new approach to this controversial issue.

Writing Tips. 5 Ways to Write the American Dream Essay

If your professor specifies a particular paper type, skip straight to the right section of our post to save time. If you have the freedom to choose the essay format, go through the five approaches we offer and pick the one you like most.

Dig Deep in a Reflective Essay

Even if you are not a fan of navel-gazing and self-reflection, you have dreams. Whenever your professors get too dull, your dreams whisk you away from a stuffy classroom and bring you to the land of your American Dream, even if you don’t call it that.

It is not enough to describe your dream life in writing to rock this assignment. Instead, answer the WHY and the HOW of your dream. Why do you want to stay in your hometown (or move across the country)? What makes your dream life idyllic? How will the dream come true influence your life? The deeper questions you ask yourself, the more profound and powerful your writing will be.

IMPORTANT: Reflective essay is all about you, but instead of listing every item on your Amazon wish list, analyze your dreams and try to identify the underlying reasons and pivotal events in the past that might have influenced your vision of the perfect life.

Tell Your Story in a Narrative Essay

If you don’t want to bare your soul and analyze your innermost feelings, but you hate research, the narrative paper is what the doctor ordered. It is basically a short story that describes your take on the American Dream in a roundabout way. Here are the tips to make your narration pop:

  • Start your story at the climax point instead of the beginning; this will make your paper dynamic and exciting.
  • Introduce one conflict after another, either internal or external; struggles move the story along and do not allow you a chance to turn your narration into self-reflection.
  • Take your story a full circle to make the conclusion reflect your introduction; this will leave the reader with a pleasant feeling of fulfillment and closure.

IMPORTANT: Don’t let your 3-page essay turn into Lord of the Rings saga. Outline the basics of the story and ruthlessly delete everything that does not move the story along.

Convince the Reader in a Persuasive Essay

If you are more comfortable with a standard 5-paragraph structure and want to keep research to a minimum, a persuasive essay is your best choice. You get to pick a stance on a controversial issue and convince the reader to take your side.

Considering the nature of the American Dream, pathetic appeals will make the most sense in a persuasive paper. Address the reader’s emotions, make them reach the fever pitch, hit all the pressure points to make your audience feel misery and pain when thinking about all other alternatives except your point. Shuffle your appeals and passages around until the emotional impact reaches its peak.

IMPORTANT: Do not ignore opposing or alternative views, as it will weaken your writing. Instead, think of a good rebuttal and work it into a final paragraph before the conclusion.

Defend Your Stance in an Argumentative Essay

If you want to study the issue, pick a side, research and support each claim with convincing evidence, an argumentative essay is right up your alley. It is similar to a persuasive paper but requires you to rely on credible sources to support your argument.

Emotional appeals are not enough for argumentative writing, you must use ethos and logos to bring the reader to your side. That means relying on peer-reviewed research, unbiased authors, numbers, figures, statistics, and facts. Same as with a persuasive essay, you can’t avoid addressing counterarguments; otherwise, your paper will look weak.

IMPORTANT: Don’t go writing until you create a draft of a thesis statement for the introduction. It will help you keep on track and prevent your paper from turning into an unstructured mess.

Go over Different Positions in a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you’ve read a couple of poems or stories about the American Dream, you can rely on your prior knowledge to analyze, compare, and contrast the depictions of this phenomenon in two or more literary works.

For poems, you can focus on literary devices and style, while novels enable you to compare narration, characters, settings, and more. You can select two similar works and look for their subtle differences or go another way around. The possibilities are endless, as long as there are pieces of literature that describe the elusive American Dream.

IMPORTANT: Summary does not equal analysis. Read between the lines and think about why the authors use specific literary devices to make a point and whether their choices were effective.  

Make use of our writing tips, and your American Dream essay will be unbeatable. If you need more help with this paper or any other piece of homework, you need only call for help. Our writers are always on standby, ready and waiting to take care of your papers. They can follow your notes and ideas or write an essay from scratch for you to make your own.

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