150 Psychology Topics For Your Research Paper

150 Psychology Topics For Your Research Paper

Psychology is quite a young branch of knowledge. Having stood out as an independent scientific discipline only at the beginning of the 19th century, it is extremely promising in our millennium. This science has inexhaustible possibilities and constantly expands them, responding to the demands of modern social and economic progress, involving the improvement of people and their psyche. Moreover, the most interesting psychology topics are still undiscovered and undeveloped.

Features of Psychology as a Science

Today, there are many more unexplored issues than the studied ones in psychology. This is due to the amazing complexity of the object of study. This is a human psyche, the depths of which are still dark. Below we have collected more than 150 research topics in psychology for college students so that you try to shed light on the most interesting questions.

Theoretical Psychology

Here are psychology research paper topics according to which you can study the theory of this science.

General Psychology

  • Properties and classification of mental phenomena.
  • The subject of psychological science.
  • Methods of psychology.
  • The structure of modern psychology.
  • Behavior as a subject of psychological research.
  • Problems of humanistic psychology.
  • Modern trends of humanistic psychology.

The History of Psychology

  • The history of psychoanalysis.
  • The history of the study of family psychology.
  • The history of the problems of personality in psychology.
  • The history of the "women's issue" in psychology.
  • The history of gender in psychology.

Experimental Psychology

  • Instrumental psychodiagnostic methods.
  • Is it possible to use projective methods for the study of the emotional sphere?
  • Payment for the participation of subjects in psychological research: is it possible to sell the "soul" for some time?
  • The problem of the influence of the personality of the subject on the results of a psychological experiment.
  • The problem of the influence of the personality of the experimenter on the results of a psychological experiment.
  • Experimental studies of unconscious perception and memorization.
  • Experimental studies of spatial attention.
  • The possibilities of quantifying the "unconscious" in psychoanalytic
  • techniques.

Comparative Psychology

  • Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign theories of emotions.
  • The ratio of "morality" and "knowledge" in the philosophical teachings of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the New Age.
  • Ethical principles of biomedical and psychological research: a comparative analysis.
  • The fundamental difference between human and animal ontogenesis.

Applied Psychology

Feel free to be guided by the following applied psychology research topics.

Psychology of Personality

  • The willful qualities of the personality and their development.
  • Education and self-education of a  personality character.
  • Perception of guilt and opportunities for forgiveness.
  • Individual differences in people's memory.
  • The role of emotions in the management of human behavior.
  • Motivation and risk in extreme situations.

Psychology of Labor

  • Psychology of extreme situations of professional activity.
  • The risk of professional activity in critical situations.
  • Psychosemantic methods for diagnosing the characteristics of professional experience.
  • Semantic structures of professional consciousness.
  • Thoughts about work as a component of the image of the world of professionals.
  • Features of professional identity of specialists and its formation (on the example of specific professional groups).

Engineering Psychology

  • Engineering and psychological problems of creating applied computer systems for testing personnel.
  • Psychological problems of automation and distribution of functions between man and automatics.
  • Problems of analysis of mental regulation of complex activity.
  • Problems of usability engineering when creating software interfaces.

Psychology of Creativity

  • System-wide models of the creative process.
  • Features of the creative imagination of the younger student.
  • Features of artistic creativity of the modern teenager.
  • The influence of emotional intelligence on the recognition of emotions in art.
  • The connection of aesthetic talent and emotional intelligence to analytical intelligence.

Psychology of Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence: The state of research and future insights.
  • Natural and artificial intelligence.
  • Psychology of thinking and research in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • "Computer metaphor".
  • Philosophical aspects of the problems of creating artificial intelligence.
  • Is artificial intelligence the salvation or death of humanity?
  • ethical problems of artificial intelligence.
  • The ethics of a new mind: how to make friends with artificial intelligence.

Aviation Psychology

  • Aviation psychology and human factors.
  • The human factor as the cause of aviation accidents.
  • Psychology of aviation terrorism.
  • Psychological aspects of airport security.
  • Problems of aviation psychology.

Military Psychology

  • Methods of military psychology.
  • The main directions of military-psychological research in America.
  • Psychology of military discipline.
  • Psychology of military administration.
  • Military psychodiagnostics and psychological selection.
  • Psychology of the relationship and communication of military personnel.
  • Place of military psychology in the system of scientific knowledge.
  • Psychology of wars in the modern world.

Age-Related Psychology

  • Aggression as the dominant behavior of modern adolescents.
  • Student behavior in a team.
  • The influence of the environment of the student on the formation of character.
  • The influence of listening to music on the memory of the student.
  • The influence of the family on the socialization of a teenager.
  • The influence of temperament on the relationship between the children of a class.
  • Psychology of adults: age of maturity.
  • Normal and abnormal aging.

Management Psychology

  • Identification of problem areas in the activities of staff organizations: methods of psychological analysis.
  • Virtual organizations and management features of joint activities of staff.
  • Evaluation of cognitive loads and optimization of the user interface in computerized types of work.
  • Motivational and value attitudes of employees and the attractiveness of organizational culture.
  • Organizational stress and psychological factors of its development.
  • Professional stress: modern concepts and research methods.
  • The development of sustainable professional and personal deformations as a result of the prolonged experience of occupational stress.
  • Development and application of complex psychological technologies of stress management from diagnostics to prevention.

Psychology of Trade and Sales

  • Psychological decision-making processes on the choice of social and material objects.
  • Psychology of behavior when signing a deal (in economic interaction).
  • Psychology of money.
  • Consumers’ psychology.
  • Relationship exchange in social and economic interaction.

Sports Psychology

  • Emotions in sports: suppression, control, experience.
  • Fear of mistake during the competition.
  • Motivation and motives for playing sports.
  • Psychological problems of a professional career coach.
  • Psychological aspects of a sports career.
  • Psychological assistance in crises in a sports career.
  • Psychological assistance to athletes who complete their careers.

Ecological Psychology

  • The history of ecological psychology as an independent science.
  • Causes and stages of development of environmental psychology.
  • The relevance of environmental psychology.
  • Psychological consequences of environmental problems of the hot summer.
  • Climate psychology. The issue of climate impact on the state of mind.
  • Housing psychology on the example of modern representations of young Americans.
  • Psychology of architecture on the example of a megalopolis.

Medical Psychology

  • Psychotherapy of schizophrenia (clinical picture, theories of occurrence, methods of treatment).
  • Socio-psychological factors of suicides.
  • Counseling for anxiety.
  • Attitude towards pregnancy and its psychological diagnosis in women with different reproductive status options.
  • Psychological assistance to patients with HIV infection in a specialized healthcare facility.
  • Are experiments on animals permissible?

Genetic Psychology

  • Genotype and environment in individual human development.
  • Hereditary and environmental causes of righteousness and left-handedness.
  • Racial differences and the inheritance of intelligence.
  • Mental illness and heredity.

Social Psychology

  • Experiencing loneliness.
  • Crowd behavior Mass consciousness.
  • Social aggression and ways to reduce it.
  • Social emotions.
  • Social determination of personality development.
  • Media and aggressiveness.

Legal Psychology

  • Psychology of victimization behavior.
  • Psychological features of the motivational sphere of drug addicts.
  • Psychology of health and interests of the child in the execution of court decisions related to the upbringing of children.
  • The impact of the imprisonment of mothers on the fate of their children.
  • The Internet as a social factor in the involvement of modern adolescents in criminal activity.
You are welcome to take on any of these research topics in psychology and write a great paper. We are sure you will cope with it, and it will be more than just interesting.

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