Best History Research Paper Topics with

Best History Research Paper Topics with

History is an amazing school subject. Whether you are good at this subject or not, you cannot avoid it because you are part of it. It is striking when you understand the importance of different events in the history and understand relation between them then dates stop being just random numbers and gain some sense and turn into a system. Well, if you are not as fascinated by history, then we can help you. If you have a difficulty choosing one event out of thousand others, we can also help you determine it. 

How to Choose Good History Research Paper Topics

The abundance of topics can make your head go round and it is shame if at this stage students already start experiencing difficulties and being scared away. To prevent being unmotivated by looking through multitude of history works and being put off by too challenging boring history assignments, read through the following advice.

  • Your own interests

Research papers are going to consume a lot of your time. You need to be ready for that. You are going to be fed up looking through books and brainstorming and organizing your ideas. So, it is better if you find it interesting yourself and it inspires you, fires desire in you and pushes you to do more and more. So, good history research paper topics must be interesting for you at the first place.

  • Familiar subject

It is obvious that writing process will be easier if you have some background of the subject to start with. So you know the scope of work, where to look for information and what sources to use, what parts to include.

  • Available sources

It would be great to make a research on a subject which was never looked into before by anyone, but it would not be very wise for an ordinary history paper. Before starting a research, check if you have an access to all necessary/existing photos, speeches, interviews, articles, biographies and autobiographies, diaries and so on.

  • Do not be banal

Another key to generating interesting history research paper topics is to avoid being obvious. Some history paper topics are too popular among students, and there is no point talking over the same thing again and again. Your teacher will not appreciate it. You can take the most popular topic but take into account some aspect that was not considered before, shift the focus point. If you feel inspired, your audience will be hooked as well.

  • 5 Ws

Make your topic specific. You cannot cover all points about Civil War in few pages. If you try, your answer will be too general and not complete. So, by answering 5 questions - who, what, where, when, why - you will narrow the area of research and make it doable and manageable. Concentrate on specific issues and avoid vague statements. Make your ideas sound in clear thesis statement and topic sentences for each body paragraph.

  • Go with a flow

As you start your research project, feel free to alter your topic depending on available sources, results you find or other. Brainstorm for ideas, single out from 3 to 5 specific ideas you are going to dwell upon in body paragraph, make it coherent with logical transition between paragraphs. And it is absolutely ok to adjust the topic and its structure to fit you.

American History Research Paper Topics

Here is a list of topics for a history research paper you can choose from or you can just get inspired by. They will give you some ideas and directions to work on American history research paper topics.


  • American Revolution: What fostered an American victory?
  • The Industrial World and American Revolution.


  • Effect of colonization by Europeans on Native Americans.
  • America: Colonization.


  • Conflict between the South and the North. How and Where It All Started. 
  • Reasons of Civil War.
  • Period between wars: analysis.

How It Started

  • People who built America.
  • American West Settling: The History of Mormons.
  • How Native Americans’ Culture Impacted the Society. 

Other Topics

  • How slavery impacted the economy of the South and particular African American householdings.
  • Impact of Lincoln assassination on the nation.
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and social justice.
  • The USA: Vague borders.
  • Independence: 1776.
  • American Social Movements and Industrialization.

World History Topics

Though American history is a huge part of world history, there still were lots of events that included other countries and had a great impact on the entire world. So. let’s check out some catchy topics on world history to write about.


  • Ancient Rome: Bridal Ceremonies.
  • Italian Renaissance and patronage system.


  • Architecture of Aztec Empire.
  • The Civil right movement: Since Martin Luther King’s speech.
  • Tactics and accomplishments of Civil right movement.
  • How Underground Railroad affected the ending of slavery.


  • How did Magna Karta change England?
  • Female Leaders: Margaret Thatcher.
  • Sir Winston Churchill: private and professional life.
  • The role of battle of Hastings in the history of England.


  • Adolf Hitler: Rise and fall.


  • Austria: Way to independence.


  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Life after the atom bomb. 


  • The Russian Revolutions: Personalities.


  • The principles of French democracy originated from the French revolution.


  • Ancient Egypt: Queens.


  • The reasons of the potato famine in Ireland.


  • Where did it all started?: WWII.
  • Two World Wars: Comparison.
  • Effects of Spanish-American War.
  • Factors and consequences of the Arab-Israel War.
  • British colonization of India.
  • Renaissance: Trading routes.
  • The Cold War: Reasons and impacts.
  • The role of the Pope: Middle Ages.
  • Crusades: Effect on religious diversity.
  • Overview of the war between Russian and Japan.
  • Vietnam War and American role.

Now you should have enough to choose from. But of course human history is rich in all kind of events so never stop searching for new refreshing surprising inspiring ideas for your research papers. Contact our experienced writers and get more help with ideas and history research topics.

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