How to Create a Powerful Argumentative Essay

How to Create a Powerful Argumentative Essay

Every Student Has to Write Essays

You will not find a student, who has never written an essay. This type of assignment is quite simple and as a rule not very long. That’s why teachers use it as a perfect tool to test students’ writing skills and creativity. Sometimes, when teachers want their students to write more than a simple essay, they request to provide an argumentative essay. At first, the difference seems to be barely noticeable, but to a write good argumentative essay is not a piece of cake. There are certain rules which a student must follow to turn his or her assignment into an argumentative work. However, before we discuss how to write an argumentative essay step by step, let’s pay attention to its definition.

The seat of the trouble why some students face difficulties writing this type of assignment is their wrong understanding of an argumentative essay definition. So, which one is correct? The right answer is it is a type of essay which includes arguments about both sides of the discussed issue. The key phrase here is BOTH SIDES. Some students ignore it and discuss an issue only from one angle. As a result, they do another type of paper, a narrative essay which contradicts to the initial paper requirements. To avoid such a situation, keep in mind that you need to analyze the main idea of your paper from all angles or you will be working on the wrong type of assignment.

Why Is Brainstorming Important?

The first thing you need to do is to think well about your argumentative essay topic and what you are going to talk about in your assignment. In other words, you need a little brainstorming. Some think that it is senseless and you only lose precious time. Indeed, you may spend a couple of extra hours on brainstorming while instead would write a page or even two. So, what is the purpose of wasting so irrationally your free time when you can be on the halfway of completing your assignment? The point is that on the midway of writing your argumentative essay you might lack the ideas. You might experience what one calls ETC - End of Thinking Capacity when you don’t know what else to write in your paper.

Some students understand that they have chosen a wrong strategy which led them to the dead end. However, they cannot return because it means that everything they have written has no sense anymore and they need to start the entire work from the very beginning again. As a result, a student waste even more time.

Such a situation will never happen if one starts an essay not from writing, but from brainstorming. This approach allows separating good ideas from the weak ones. Before you start working on your assignment, you already have a list of things you are going to discuss. Another point is how to be sure that the required number of pages will be enough to cover all the thoughts that you have prepared. To ensure all your ideas will have enough space in the work you need to make an outline.

Prepare a Plan and Use It as a Guide

Some teachers may require a student to write an argumentative essay outline and attach it to a paper. If your assignment has to include an outline you are a lucky one, if it doesn’t, we still recommend to make one. So, what is the purpose of an outline and why is it so necessary to include it in your paper?

When you write an outline you subdivide your main idea into smaller ones. You receive a very detailed plan of writing which eliminates a situation when a student starts jumping from one idea to another. You probably read such works where a writer starts telling about one thing, then he continues with another, and then again returns to the first he has begun with. That is a clear sign of a bad paper structure and the absence of an outline. This style of writing hinders a reader to concentrate on the main issue of the work, and as a result, a text resembles a melting pot of different ideas. That’s why the outline is an essential part of every paper. Use it to avoid repetitions and make your narration clear and well-organized.

Every Paper Should Have a Good Beginning

Every assignment should begin with an introduction paragraph. If you wonder how to start an argumentative essay or whether there are any secrets of the right introduction structure, then you will be glad to know that there are no strict requirements. Nevertheless, there are certain expectations which every good writer should satisfy to make an excellent narration. We would even call them some tips which you should keep in mind writing an introductory paragraph.

Don’t make it too long

A perfect introduction should not consist of a few sentences, but also must not exceed a couple of paragraphs.

Make it catchy

The goal of introduction is to kindle readers’ interest. Avoid any argumentations in this part of the document. Tell only why your topic is important or why it is interesting to you.

Finish with a strong thesis statement

Every good introduction should end with a thesis statement. Its length is usually one or two sentences, and in very rare cases it can be more. A thesis statement is a crucial element of your work. It explains the purpose of your assignment and why you decide to work on it. If you follow these three simple tips, you will get a great introduction to your paper which will be both well-structured and interesting to readers.

How to Organize My Paper Correctly?

One of the biggest mistakes that many students make when they start writing the body of a paper is that they try to write about everything and at once. You cannot follow such a bad strategy because this type of paper should include both arguments and counterarguments. So, a wise choice will be to follow a specific structure when you write body paragraphs. The best solution is to subdivide your body into three sections.

Provide pieces of evidence to support your thesis statement

First, you need to prove why the idea you state is correct. Find some pieces of evidence that will assure a reader that your point of view is right. To add more weight to your position you may use statistical data, findings of some researchers or any other relevant information gathered on your topic before.

Provide information to argue your thesis statement

Any issue like a coin has two sides. If you tell only about some positive aspects and do not mention the negative one, your paper becomes unilateral. The point is to present both sides of the coin but to convince the readers that your position is better.

Reconsider all pros and cons

Now, when you have mentioned all the pros and cons, write argumentations to convince a reader why your position is right despite all the negative aspects. In fact, this is the central part of your argumentative essay where you either could find thoughtful pieces of evidence to make readers believe you or not.

This structure is not obligatory and might not fit every assignment. For instance, it may have more sections or even the third point of view which will support neither your arguments nor counterarguments. Nevertheless, the general idea is to show you that your argumentative essay should not provide only argumentations to support your position. Your paper has to provide discussion from different angles and as a result, give a reader the full picture about the issue.

What Should I Write in the End?

The final part of your paper is writing a conclusion. At first sign, it seems like the easiest section of your assignment. What can be simpler when you have already completed the hardest part of your work and now all you have to do is to summarize everything. However, even this part of an essay is often completed in a wrong way. So, what you SHOULD NOT do in conclusion?
  1. Retell what you have stated in the body
  2. Do not repeat what you have already discussed in the assignment
  3. Make a long conclusion
  4. How your conclusion should look like?
  5. It has to be brief, about the same size as your introduction
  6. You should tell about the results, not about the process
  7. Restate your thesis statement
These simple tips will help you to avoid the wrong flow of thoughts when you end your assignment.

Remember About Tips and Write a Good Paper

Now you know how to write a good argumentative essay. As you can see there is nothing complicated about this. All you need to do is to keep in mind these tips and remember about a paper structure. Once you write an outline, use it as a guide to complete your paper. Indeed, some preparation methods may take a lot of time, and they might even seem to be irrational. However, it is better to spend more time on planning and then write an essay in a few hours, then start working on an assignment and then discover that you have chosen a wrong approach.

One more tip on how to write an argumentative essay is don’t be too annoying. Your assignment has to be unintrusive and easy to read. So, do not overuse arguments. Let the readers to arrive at a conclusion themselves and agree with your point of view. Good luck!

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