Persuasive Speech Topics For 2019

Persuasive Speech Topics For 2019

Have you ever experienced difficulties with choosing a great topic for your persuasive essay? Every day thousands of students do not know what to write about in yet another essay that a teacher has assigned to them. It seems that everything has already been discussed earlier and there is nothing interesting left for them.

To dissuade you and prove that there are still a lot of things that you may research, we have created 10 lists of topics to write about in college assignment. Each of the categories is dedicated to the specific issue which in its turn contains diverse ideas for your consideration. You will find about 100 fresh ideas that will inspire and motivate you to write a good essay that will impress your teacher.

Check the lists below and select the topic you like!

Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Beginners

If you have never written this type of assignment before, then it is better to start with some simple ideas for your paper.  This list of topics will help you to write your first essay or you may use them to polish your skills before taking a more serious subject for research.

  1. Why is junk food dangerous?
  2. Should celebrities have stricter punishment when they break law?
  3. Can money make people happy?
  4. Do seniors always can share wisdom with others?
  5. What can we do to reduce world hunger?
  6. How to encourage more recycling?
  7. Should children get punishment?
  8. Do people need the motivation to start doing what they want?
  9. Why do people need religion?
  10. Why do people gossip?

A Topic for a Persuasive Essay About Animals

Animals and humans live side by side, and many people often underestimate the importance of this union. Hence, topics about animals are a perfect ground to raise many issues from some common to more serious ones which include the ethical aspect. Provide your point of view about animals using the topics that we have prepared for you below.

  1. Why do people buy pets instead of adopting them?
  2. Are pitbulls dangerous?
  3. Is it moral to eat animals?
  4. What animals are the perfect pets?
  5. Why do people visit zoos?
  6. Should people keep animals at home?
  7. Do we need more animal shelters?
  8. How to protect animals from abuse?
  9. Is hunting an act of violence?
  10. How to improve attitude to animals?

New Topics About Education

What can be a more interesting topic for discussion for any student than a topic about education? How many times have you thought about changes that one could provide to make life in school or college easier and more interesting? What school rules make you crazy and you would like to ban them at all cost. Write your essay choosing one of the ideas about education and express everything you have always wanted to.

  1. How many hours per day should children learn?
  2. Are summer holidays damage a study process?
  3. How many classes a day should children have?
  4. Can exams show the actual level of students' knowledge?
  5. Are there classes at school which are not necessary?
  6. Should smartphones be forbidden at schools?
  7. Is distant education effective?
  8. Why is it necessary to have group tasks?
  9. Should all students have the exchange student experience?
  10. Why do students cheat during tests?

Persuasive Paper Topics About Environment

Environmental issues are so widely discussed nowadays that it seems impossible to leave them without attention. It is a truly vivid field for disputes where you may express views which might contradict the general beliefs. An essay on one of such topics will definitely be an interesting experience and an excellent writing practice.

  1. Advantages of public transportation.
  2. Protection of the endangered species.
  3. How to reduce CO2 pollution?
  4. What is the most eco-friendly type of transportation?
  5. How can the government control the usage of natural resources?
  6. Why is it a community responsibility to keep the environment clean?
  7. Why do we use little of alternative energy sources?
  8. Should people grow and eat only local fruits and vegetables?
  9. What are the causes of air pollution?
  10. How to reduce water contamination?

Topics On Ethics and Moral Issues

The moral decisions are what makes even righteous people feel doubts. There is no simple way out of a situation which has an ethical dilemma at its core. No matter what side you decide to choose, there will be people who support you and those who consider you pure evil. You will hardly find a more exciting topic for your essay than one based on a moral dilemma.

  1. Why is suicide illegal in the majority of countries?
  2. Why do some states refuse from death penalties, while others still have it?
  3. What is the most effective punishment for criminals?
  4. Should tests on animals be forbidden?
  5. Are people morally obliged to help the poor?
  6. Is it unethical to eat meat?
  7. Is wearing fur in countries with cold winters unethical?
  8. How to protect children from violence?
  9. Is it morally affordable that children send their parents to senior centers?
  10. Should firearms be illegal for mass buyers?

Persuasive Speech Topics For College About Family

Family is one of the most important things for many people. The generation gap between parents and children may cause a lot of misunderstanding and even conflicts. You may discuss one of the issues related to parents-children problems or concentrate on other aspects such as the influence of divorce on children. The huge pool of diverse topics turns family into a very exciting field for research and writing a persuasive essay.

  1. Why are R rated films forbidden for children?
  2. Does generation gap become smaller due to modern technologies?
  3. Do quarrels between parents have a negative effect on children?
  4. Why are family traditions so important?
  5. How to protect children from bullying?
  6. Why is home violence the worst method of the parents’ educational process?
  7. Why should children under 13 not watch horror movies?
  8. How often should parents spend time with their children?
  9. Can parents and children be close friends?
  10. Is divorce always bad for a family?

Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students About Food

Nutrition, diets, obesity, healthy food, and bad eating habits - that’s the short list of what you can cover in your essay. Food is what we consume every day, and its influence on people’s wellbeing is hard to overestimate. Select a topic dedicated to the food issue, and you will never have a situation when there is nothing to write about in your essay.

  1. How to balance your daily diet?
  2. Why has fast food become so popular?
  3. Why is organic food so expensive?
  4. How to refuse from snacks?
  5. What should parents do to make their children have healthy eating habits?
  6. Why is healthy food not as tasty as the junk one?
  7. Why is sugar added to food?
  8. Is anorexia a mental health problem?
  9. What cuisine is the most delicious?
  10. Is it true that not all people can be taught cooking?

Funny Topics to Avoid Boring Writing

Are you tired of serious ethical dilemmas and global problems? Do you want to write about something simple and funny? Relax and have some pleasant time while writing about things that will certainly cause smiles on your peers’ faces.

  1. Why do some people laugh when they are nervous?
  2. What is the funniest movie of all time?
  3. Why people who don’t believe in horoscope still read it?
  4. Why should people be a little childish?
  5. Does music have a power to heal?
  6. Can sport be funny?
  7. Why does modern advertising contain much humor?
  8. Why parents allow children to believe in Santa?
  9. Why do kids like cartoons?
  10. Why are dads funnier than moms?

Interesting Topics To Impress Your Professor

Is your professor too strict and demandable? No matter what topic you choose he always thinks that you went the simplest way. Show your professor that you are not like that! Choose a topic from the list below and face a true challenge. Some of them are quite difficult, but that’s what makes them so interesting.

  1. Should Scotland become an independent state?
  2. How do president election affect the people view of democracy?
  3. Can a healthy relationship exist without conflicts?
  4. Should credit cards be restricted for people under 25 years old?
  5. Is criticism bad or it helps people to become better?
  6. Is standard of beauty a constant or an ever-changing social phenomenon?
  7. Should people refuse guns?
  8. Should people prepare in a special way for the first date?
  9. Why can abortions not be legal?
  10. Why do the majority of countries do not allow gay marriages?

Topics About Media and Social Networks

We cannot imagine our lives without social networks and media. They have become the irreplaceable part of our daily routine. Some people spend so much time in the virtual world they almost lose contact with reality. A very interesting field for research and discussion. Don’t miss your chance to express your opinion on one of the most burning questions of the present time.

  1. Should TV shows have an age restriction?
  2. Why should children watch less TV?
  3. Can TV make people more educated?
  4. Why do social networks are so popular today?
  5. Does media send a wrong message to teens?
  6. Will newspapers disappear in the nearest future?
  7. Why can modern people not live a day without the Internet?
  8. Is media the primary cause of moral degradation of young generation?
  9. Can educational programs be among the top on TV?
  10. Why are teens so obsessed with likes on social networks?
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