Ways to Cheat on Tests that Work

 Ways to Cheat on Tests that Work

No one wants to be a disappointment…

Can you imagine the looks on your parents’ faces when they learn you’ve failed a class? Don’t you hate when all your classmates laugh at your poor grades? Do you feel stupid and blame yourself for another failure? It doesn’t get worse than that.

Let us share a secret. Everyone feels that way! Even the nerdiest bookworm in your class is afraid of failure. But few people are blessed with eidetic memory or stamina to survive on two hours of sleep a night. If you aren’t one of those lucky bastards, your only resort is to learn how to cheat in exam and do it in a smart way that doesn’t get you punished or expelled.

And that’s what this post is all about. We’ve collected the best, most ingenious, and tested methods of cheating on a test that will get you the good grades you crave without risking your academic record.

8 Foolproof Ways to Cheat On Tests

Store Answers in Your Calculator Memory

What you need to do: Study your calculator’s use guide and find a way to store data, either in a picture or text form. Call it up when the exam is in session, and the professor will never catch you. To stay on the safe side, store the lines of code in the middle of the program instead of its beginning or end in case the professor gets suspicious.

Pro tip: Check whether the device will keep the information after the RAM is cleared. Some professors know about this trick and won’t allow calculators until you show them that RAM is empty. If your device doesn’t have this feature, save the picture of the “RAM is cleared” screen and call it up when the professor does the rounds.

This way works for all classes that call for complex calculations, such as Statistics, Physics, Calculus, and more.

Prepare Notes on Printer Paper

What you need to do: Take standard printer paper and fill one or two pages with the critical information you can never remember, such as formulas, dates, numbers, names. While the professor is passing out sheets at the beginning of an exam, get your notes from your bag and slip them under your assigned sheets. Once the test is underway, you can pull them out and pass as the notes you have taken just then.

Pro tip: If you are afraid of using the notes in plain sight, use a bold black pen to write them. Leave your guide paper under the blank sheet the professor provides, and you should be able to see the writing even through the top sheet.

This way works if your professor is known to use printer paper during exams.

Get Help from Classmates

What you need to do: Talk to your classmates and ask for their help; otherwise, this approach won’t work. Those who know the answers to questions for sure, just need to ask professor questions that start with a letter that corresponds to the right answer. Here’s an example of how to cheat on a test using this way from Reddit:Pro tip: It can quickly become suspicious if your class asks similar questions over and over. Instead, select a few that cause the most trouble and get help on those.

This way works for any test with multiple-choice answers if your classmates are willing to help everyone.

Prepare Black Text on Black Screen

What you need to do: Create a webpage with black text on a black background and type all the data you will need for your test. Once the exam starts, subtly use the mouse to select portions of the text to make it visible and click away to make your notes invisible again.

Pro tip: You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A to highlight the whole body of text and click away to deselect everything.

This way works if you take a test in a computer class without actually using it.

Submit One Answer at a Time

What you need to do: Prepare a piece of paper with a pen or a note app on your smartphone before you sit down to take the test. Try to guess the right answer to the first question and submit it. The number of points will tell you whether you guess was right. Note the correct answer, and repeat the process with all other questions, submitting one answer at a time.

Pro tip: If you have a passable knowledge of the subject, or if you are short on time, you can submit two or more answers at a time, especially if you are sure about some answers. This will help you get through the test faster.

This way works if you have an endless number of tries to pass a multiple-choice test.

Record Important Information

What you need to do: Select crucial facts from your curriculum and record yourself speaking them out loud. Save the file onto a small MP3 player and connect it to small headphones. Pass the wire through your sleeve, so that the earphone is barely visible at your wrist. Once the exam starts, turn on the record and sit with your head in your hand to listen to the audio.

Pro tip: If you have long hair and a miniature Bluetooth headset, you can use it instead of wire headphones, but make sure you mute notifications and keep the audio volume at a minimum to prevent the surrounding people from hearing your recording.

This way works for any class, but might not be much help for multiple-choice questions.

Write Everything You Can Think of

What you need to do: If your cheat sheet has no information on an essay type question, write down everything you think can be relevant or everything you can remember. Even if your answer is on a different topic, most professors will give you pity points for trying and not leaving the answer blank.

Pro tip: You can use the same technique in Science or Math classes if you remember some numbers or formulas or others. If you write two steps to solving the problem instead of five, you will get at least partial points that are better than no points.

This way works like a charm for essay type questions but won’t help you with multiple-choice tests.

Embrace the Power of Tiny Writing

What you need to do: Choose critical information you will need during an exam and write it down in tiny letters on a small scrap of paper that can be easily hidden under your finger or up your sleeve. You can use your pen or a label on a water bottle to store your notes. The back of a calculator or your eraser are also great places for your tiny handwritten cheat notes. We found one of the best ways to cheat on tests and prevent the teacher from asking questions on Reddit:Pro tip: You can use your own body to conceal the information. If you can manage tiny but readable letters, write the notes on the skin of your fingers or wrists. Upper thighs and nails work great for girls. The benefit of this approach is that you can rub the writing off if the professor gets suspicious.

This way works for any and type of test, but it requires time to prepare the notes and a subtle method of getting rid of them.

What a Cheating in Class Meme Can Teach You

There is no one best or perfect way to cheat in an exam. We’ve selected the ones that have the most promise. Whichever method you choose, the crucial thing is to avoid getting caught. The consequences will depend on your professor and your school policies. Some may let you retake the test with a slap on the wrist, while others will ensure cheating will get on your record. You might have to retake the class in the next term or put in more work to get extra points.
If you feel like the professor is onto you, get rid of your notes quickly, but without drawing attention. You might lose a few points off your grade, but you won’t get in trouble with the professor and your school. And you won’t turn into cheating in class meme.One way to prevent suspicion after the exam is to add a couple of small mistakes. This is especially important if you’ve never had perfect results before. Don’t go overboard with conscious errors, or your grade will suffer too much.

Need Help Before the Test?

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