Video Games vs Sports Essay: For and Against Arguments

Video Games vs Sports Essay: For and Against Arguments
The rapid development of eSports haunts both video game lovers and those who have a negative attitude to the world of pro-gaming. Each news or article collects comments like: “Is esports a sport?”

On the one hand, it is possible to understand the audience of traditional sports, not accustomed to the fact that playing computer games, you can become millionaires (often faster than in traditional sports). However, this behavior also has the opposite effect - not all cyber-sportsmen like intervention in their environment from the outside. And like any controversial topic, this question is suitable for presenting one’s point of view in an argumentative essay. Let's see what basic pros and cons you can use for writing.

Start Your Video Games Essay with a Definition

Cybersport is a competition in a virtual space where the game is an interaction of control objects, ensuring equal conditions of competition between players or teams of players.

The most popular e-sports disciplines include:
  1. 3D shooters, simulating a fight between teams of players on modern or fantastic weapons
  2. sports games simulators (FIFA series)
  3. real-time strategies (StarCraft)
  4. team role-playing games with elements of tactical and strategic games (League of Legends, Dota 2)

Are Video Games a Sport: Supporting Arguments

Here are the arguments that will help you to positively answer the question “Is playing video games a sport?”.

Cybersport is exactly the same sport as any other, which is called traditional. This is not a human-computer competition, it is a competition of two people or teams, an intellectual competition in which a computer acts as sports equipment or a tournament site.

If we consider the "skeleton" of eSports, then it is the same as in sports. Here a student can give an example of Dota 2 and a classic football.

During the match, two teams compete in both disciplines: there are five people in the pillbox and 11 players in football. The main goal is to prove to be stronger than the opponent: in Dota, the goal is to destroy the enemy’s buildings, in football, the goal is to score a goal. The match is divided into parts and there are breaks between them to restore the strength of the players. In both cases, the teams are managed by the coach and the captain. If we are talking about playoff tournaments, the winners go to the next round. As in football, in Dota you need well-coordinated teamwork and competent tactical training, otherwise, all efforts will be reduced to zero.

When writing your video games essay, say that in fact, e-sports games can be compared to chess, where the same starting conditions, tools, positions are opened before each participant. The player’s task is to independently change the alignment of forces on the field. Thus, eSports refers to an intellectual sport, where you should know the mechanisms of the game. Like chess, cyber games are suitable for training the brain, analyzing the situation, making quick decisions. Many people, having not understood this issue in detail, mix together e-sports and “gaming”, that is, the usual game of computer at home, although these are completely different things.

Professional cybersportsmen competing on a global level must pay attention to their physical form. A millisecond can separate a victory from a defeat, the reaction and the speed of thinking of an athlete decide everything, and a high level of these parameters cannot be achieved without good physical condition and training.

eSports players can take part in more related industries than those involved in a real sport. The player is actively acquainted with the IT-theme, gets an understanding of the computer configuration, conditions for increasing the comfort of his game, knows the necessary programs.

Answering a question are video games a sport, you may say that esport is also useful for health as a traditional one. Studies have shown that people who played computer games every day for 30 minutes for two months improved cognitive functions of the brain. Doctors confirmed that the amount of gray matter increased, and the memory of participants in the control group became better.

Cybersport was recognized as the official sport in Russia more than fifteen years ago.
The global eSports audience already exceeds 200 million people, which is quite comparable with the audience of other sports. The number of views of matches of cybersport tournaments is constantly increasing and already exceeds the views of hockey competitions.

Indicators of the international eSports market exceeded $900 million, and the total prize fund amounted to over $120 million.

It is planned that by 2020 the investments of companies in eSports will double so that the total income of the industry will grow to 1.5 billion dollars. It is not surprising that such an audience attracts more and more large companies and not only from the sphere of IT who are interested in promoting their brands among young people who are fairly well-off and are interested in modern technologies.

It is possible to relate computer games to the sport, as they have: a competitive process, their own tournaments, and leagues, local teams and world teams, organization according to certain rules, as well as interpersonal relations of people arising in the process of games and training.

Use the combination of these reasons when developing positive arguments to answer the question should video games be considered a sport.

Arguments Against

If you want to prove that cybersport is not a sport in your video game essay, feel free to use the following arguments.

If people just press buttons, they cannot be considered athletes. Fans of football, hockey, and other sports do not agree that many hours of training for professional gamers can be compared with serious physical activities in their favorite disciplines.

Initially, sport existed as a promotion of a healthy lifestyle, overcoming difficulties for success, and was also promoting peace (in Ancient Greece, wars were suspended during the Olympic Games). These traditions have reached our times, so the competition for clicking the mouse cannot be perceived as a real competition.

Cybersport cannot be considered a sport because it preaches not peace, but violence. In Dota, the player who destroyed the main building of the opponent wins. The counter strike goal is to destroy as many opponents as possible by completing certain tasks for the sake of it or in parallel with it. All the blood that flows from the screen, all this hypertrophied atrocity, albeit a virtual one, brings up those properties in a person that civilized society considers immoral.

This cannot be considered a sport, because instead of developing your personality, as the traditional sport does, excessive involvement in the virtual environment leads to a deformation of consciousness. And the sooner a person plunges into a different reality, the deeper the pathology develops.

Like any prolonged activity in a sitting position or at a computer, it can lead to diseases of the musculoskeletal system and organs of vision, and sport is what should make us healthy but not sick.

What Next?

Talk about the possible inclusion of e-sports in the program of the Olympic Games is becoming more and more active. However, it was stated that the games that contain murder, propagandizing violence and cruelty, will never become part of the Olympic movement, but there are in fact other cybersport disciplines. So, at the end of your discussion of the question is video gaming a sport, you can say that it is obvious that in the future eSports will still be perceived as a sport, but this will be when the generation ready for this perception enters a conscious age.

How to Make Your Argumentation Strong

  1. When supporting any points of view, use the arguments from the strongest one.
  2. Make sure that you have illustrated your essay with examples, facts, and statistics.
  3. Do not forget to briefly mention the opposite perspective and briefly list the statements that can support it.
  4. Pay close attention to develop a comprehensive theses statement since it will be the starting point of your essay and all the arguments you will provide should support it.
  5. The best way to develop a strong argument is to look in the scientific literature. In the case of video games, you may find not so many academic materials but there will be a lot of statistics and examples from games you may use.
  6. Do not provide new arguments in conclusion; just summarize all the said in three-four strong sentences. 
Feel free to use this guideline for your essay writing, and do not forget that is always glad to give a helping hand in a difficult situation!

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