Key College Study Skills for Students Who Want to Be Successful in 2020

Key College Study Skills for Students Who Want to Be Successful in 2020

College Success Skills That Will Make You a Competitive Student

Studying at college can be stressful and exhausting. To stand out in this competitive world, you have to hone college study skills by practicing every day. Another great difficulty for students is homework, so if you want to deal with it quickly and efficiently, we have an article for you about homework tips for college students.

But doing homework is not enough for your triumph in studying. Therefore, we have developed a list of college success skills that will make you a competitive student. In this article, you will find out how to read, organize your notes, learn to listen, and develop soft skills.

Reading Right: The Key to College Success

During the study, you can develop college reading skills that will help to improve and to facilitate your learning.  

In college, you get a curriculum that indicates which sections of the textbook the lecturer will read. Use the opportunity and read the necessary information before class! As a result, you will be more attentive at the lecture, and it will be easier for you to absorb and organize the information.

Information storage has a capacity of 24 hours. Initially, new information falls into short-term memory, where it is stored for only 24 hours! Then the brain gets rid of unnecessary newly learned stuff.

If you want to prevent this “cleansing” and save the information in long-term memory, you should re-read your notes. After the lecture, overview new materials, try to make questions, and then retell what you remember. You will be surprised that it takes very little time and saves you from cramming it.

Improve Note-Taking

As a student, you receive a large amount of information, that needs to be processed, systematized, and remembered. Your success depends on how you write down and organize new material in your notebook. Therefore, acquisition and improvement of college writing skills are essential in your learning.

Reading new material, do not rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs. Learn to rephrase by highlighting essential information. Besides, this skill is useful for writing scientific papers and projects.

Remember to use abbreviations and symbols. Sometimes it is challenging to write down everything, so we recommend you to cut long words and apply short phrases. A trivial but useful advice - write clearly! Even the most organized and the best notes will not be helpful if you cannot understand the handwriting.

Besides, look for note-taking methods and choose your favorite. Over time, many systems have been developed that help students make practical notes, that not only reduce the time but are also very convenient to use. We want to present the most popular of them:

  • The Mapping Method. A mind map is a great way to organize, visualize, and summarize information. It is much easier to review and repeat topics by compiling mind maps.
  • The Outlining Method. This method is based on writing sentences, divided into subheadings. The first one is the main topic, the second one is a subtopic, and the third one includes an auxiliary fact.
  • The Sentence Method. It is a simple method where you write every idea in a new line and in the form of sentences. The sentence method works well for those lectures when a lot of information is covered.

Learn to Listen

Given the fact that students spend most of their time in audiences listening to teachers, it is necessary to have excellent listening skills. That means possessing the ability to process the information presented to you.

Try to listen actively and focus your attention not on every word, but on the massage that the lecturer is trying to convey. Do not write everything you hear, as some details may be unnecessary. Using this approach, you will be pleased with your notes, because it will help to identify essential themes and central topics. Therefore, you should focus on writing fundamental ideas that expand or clarify the main points of the lecture.

Remember, the ability to concentrate and ignore distractions are the main qualities of a perfect listener. Stop having your head in the clouds and try not to think about upcoming matters, friends, or family members.

Listening is a challenging process. You have to be physically and mentally ready for it. Turn off the sound on the phone, remove unneeded material, and remember that the willingness to listen starts with a good posture. As soon as you begin to slouch or look out the window, all your concentration will disappear!

Soft College Study Skills that You Need to Develop

Soft skills play a significant role; they can be used to convey ideas effectively or to handle serious situations. Besides, these skills help to develop a powerful personality, and you can use them to achieve your goals. College is a perfect place for their development, because every day you communicate with people, gain new experience. We want to present 5 most important soft skills for college students that you should have:

Leadership Skills 

Unfortunately, if you are shy, it is rather difficult to lead, but this is the best way to get rid of this trait. Talk more with students, speak in class, and do not be afraid to take responsibility. A leadership skill will help you to make decisions, get out of difficult situations, and guide people. It is a necessary and useful skill not only for study but also for your future work.

Communication Skills

It is a required skill for every person. We need to know and be able to communicate with different people, regardless of gender, age, and emotional state. Communication skills are efficient because they are applicable in all areas and stages of life.

Positive Attitude

The modern world is filled with a lot of negative things, so it is vital to remain a positive person to win the favor of other people. By improving this skill, you can maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the team. Besides, a positive attitude towards life will help you to cope more easily with the difficulties that you will encounter along your way.

Time Management Skills

Time management is an essential skill for achieving success. You must know how to balance studying with other areas such as work, hobbies, leisure, entertainment. With time management, you can schedule your life and set priorities.


Many college projects are based on teamwork, as it always helps to produce more. Therefore, you need to learn to work in a team and get along with other people.

This guide opens the doors to a successful college career, and following these pieces of advice can lead you to a significant progress. Learning is a universal process that has been going on all our lives. Thus, you can use and improve the acquired study skills your whole life.

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