75 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics. Simple and Funny Ideas For Your Speech

75 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics. Simple and Funny Ideas For Your Speech

Many students do not like speeches because they are boring. As a rule, you have to discuss some serious issues which concern everybody. Of course, no one says that such problems as global warming or gun control are not important or should not be talked about. However, whenever one has to prepare a speech, everybody expects that it will be about something very and very serious. But what about students? Why not give them a little break from all those global problems and talk about something simple and funny for a change? That’s why we have prepared a list of funny speech topics so that you could relax a bit and enjoy doing your speech.

Simple and Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

Let’s start from some funny persuasive speech topics which raise general issues and concern us all. In this list, you will find ideas for a speech which may not only make you laugh but also think about things that you have never viewed in a serious way. So, who said that funny topics cannot be food for thought?

  1. Why does everyone believe today that they are great photographers?
  2. Five simple ways to escape from reality.
  3. Being a good actor means being a big liar.
  4. Do aliens live among us?
  5. Why can men not ask about women’s age, but women can ask about men’s age?
  6. How can one become famous doing nothing?
  7. How can we know that time travel is impossible?
  8. How to get rid of social networks addiction?
  9. Human laziness has no limits.
  10. What place on Earth can be called real hell?
  11. In a hundred years, the current fashion will look ridiculous and even dumb.
  12. Why is toilet humor so funny for one category of people, but absolutely inappropriate and wrong for another one?
  13. Happiness lies in deleting all social networks accounts.
  14. Why is it better to watch the movie first and then read the book?
  15. Can British humor be considered humor at all?

Funny Speech Topics for College Students

In this list, we gathered topics which may require you to do a research first since they are not as simple as seem at first glance. In this list of funny speech topics for college students, you will find not only funny ideas for your speech but also those which will make your audience ponder whether it is all about a joke or some more serious thing lies beneath.

  1. In what circumstances can exams be fun?
  2. Why do people who live in the countryside have fewer problems and are happier?
  3. The best way to reduce stress is by not watching the daily news.
  4. Why are conspiracy theories not just theories?
  5. Being tolerant is the biggest intolerance that we have today.
  6. What would you choose, being extremely rich but stupid or poor but very smart?
  7. Why is it important for a sergeant to scream at privates?
  8. Are haunted houses fairy tales or not?
  9. How to understand that you are not going to heaven after death
  10. Do books and movies about Harry Potter promote witchcraft and dark arts?
  11. Why can a young man not become the President?
  12. Bollywood movies become more interesting than the Hollywood ones.
  13. Why is nudism considered to be inappropriate in a civilized society but is a common phenomenon in tribes?
  14. Why do movie stars so desperately need to have more than one house?
  15. What the color of socks can tell about a man who wears them

Topics about Food

Do you like food? How do you think, is it possible to talk about food in a non-serious way? These funny persuasive essay topics about food will make you change your mind. Some of the ideas here may sound a bit controversial, but that is even better. That will only spice up your speech.

  1. Why do vegans eat vegetables when they are also living things?
  2. The best way to test your relationship is to cook something together.
  3. Why are men are the best cooks?
  4. Diets don’t work if you eat cake every day.
  5. Why does nobody want to become fat intentionally?
  6. Fast food is a fast way to gain extra weight.
  7. Why do kids become hyperactive after eating sweet food?
  8. Does a vegetarian diet impact a person’s behavior?
  9. Is obesity a disease or just a habit of eating more?
  10. Food which you cannot live without even for a day.
  11. Could you live a year without your favorite meal if you get 10,000 dollars for that?
  12. What is the craziest street food in the world that you would never eat?
  13. How could people like Tabasco sauce?
  14. Food competitions. Why is it necessary to prove that one can eat more than others?
  15. Food festivals are just a good reason to get together and eat more.

Funny Topics about Animals

We all like animals, they are very lovely creatures. Some of them are cute, but no one can deny that sometimes our pets do really crazy and weird stuff. Just take a look at cats. They are probably the funniest animals in the world. Things they do every day cause smiles on our faces and only one question - Why are you doing this, kitty?

  1. The funniest animal which makes you laugh with tears every time you see it.
  2. The endless war between cats and dogs. Who started it?
  3. How to explain your cat that it is your pet, not vice versa?
  4. Why are fat animals cute, but people are not?
  5. Male puppies always let female ones win.
  6. Is it true that turtles can breathe through their anus?
  7. What would happen if spiders could fly?
  8. Japanese Macaques play snowballs for fun.
  9. Munchkin cat is a cat version of corgi.
  10. Crows can prank each other.
  11. Some goats have an accent just like humans.
  12. Is ignoring your cat a good way to show that it is not right?
  13. Why is it ok to keep big dogs but not ok to keep big cats like lynx.
  14. Five reasons to have a pet and five reasons why it is a bad idea.
  15. Are talking parrots dangerous because they know your personal secrets?

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics About Relationships

All issues about relationships are often about some serious topics. How to build strong and healthy relationships with your soul mate. How to find a beloved one and so on. Do you want to talk about such a serious thing as relationships in a funny way? Then check the list of topics that we have prepared for you. Maybe the issues raised there will be helpful not only in the study but in real life as well.  

  1. Why do good girls often go dating bad boys?
  2. The best advice from married people is not to get married.
  3. Why do older women like younger men?
  4. Why is it easier to start relationships online?
  5. Why is making friends online dangerous?
  6. Why are girls into tall guys but never into short ones?
  7. Why do boys like both short and tall girls?
  8. Skepticism is the most powerful weapon in relationships.
  9. Speed dating has nothing in common with dating.  
  10. How often should couples see each other after marriage?
  11. The strangest thing that a couple can do after they get married.
  12. The secret talent of a soul mate that you would like to know about before marriage.
  13. How to fail the first date
  14. Things you should never talk about going on the first date
  15. How to keep calm when you want to kill your spouse
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