50 Original Exemplification Essay Topics You Can Use

50 Original Exemplification Essay Topics You Can Use

Students often order exemplification essays on our site, and our skilled writers gladly help them with this type of assignment. And while some of our customers simply don’t have time to write it properly themselves, others may actually have trouble understanding what is required from them. If you are one of those students who are not sure they can produce a well-structured essay that would earn them a high grade, then this article is for you. However, if you have no problem with that but lack a subject, scroll down for some thrilling essay topics.

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

First of all, let’s answer the question “What is an exemplification essay?” There are a lot of types of essays out there, how is this one similar or different from them? Basically, it’s close to argumentative essay, as you have to present an idea or a point of view and support it with convincing arguments. The key point is that it’s not enough to rely on your personal opinion or someone’s words. You need to provide several examples that will indisputably serve as proof that the presented concept or position is the correct one.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

If you have any experience of writing an essay, this one will not be any different. The most common structure to use would be a five paragraph one. You begin by introducing the problem and your view on it, as well as including your thesis statement which represents your main idea. Then, dedicate the three body paragraphs to providing your examples. Try to choose distinctive cases which will be different from each other, showing various aspects of the problem, but supporting the same point. The last paragraph is a traditional conclusion, where you briefly sum up everything and restate your main idea.

It seems that the biggest challenge here is to find examples that can support the main idea. If you don’t know what to do to find them and to write a good essay as a result, you can always pay people to do your homework. Otherwise, try to find a theme that has so-called ‘critical importance’ because it is easier to find supporting examples in this case. Moreover, don’t forget that you should be interested in writing about those things that you have chosen if you don’t want to get bored. Thus, it is a good idea to choose your topic wisely and start writing about things that really kindle your interest.

Despite everything sounding so easy, it’s always better to have an example. For that purpose, you can visit our site and read essay samples. Or you can order a paper to be written by our experts, examine it and take notes on how to write an exemplification essay so that you can later do it yourself.

50 Free Exemplification Essay Topics

A good essay topic is arguably half of what makes an exemplification essay successful. It has to be original or suggest a new approach to a common problem, be interesting to you, and make it possible to provide great examples to support the idea. It also has to be something people can debate on rather than unanimously agree with. To help you save time on coming up with such a topic, we have compiled a list of subjects you could explore in your paper.

Please keep in mind that we also have useful articles and topics for other types of essays on our site, e.g. informative essay, persuasive essay, sociology research topics, and so on. But for now, let’s get back to our exemplification essay topics. 


  1. Does leading a vegetarian lifestyle have any positive consequences for animals?
  2. Gender discrimination is still a problem in today’s work environment.
  3. Elderly people should have the right to be provided with special drugs to end their lives on their own.
  4. Polygamy is natural and should not be frown upon.
  5. Can people who chose to live alone be happy and in good health?
  6. Why restricting the use of alcohol until the age of 21 is ridiculous.
  7. Hard work is no longer necessary to live a good life and earn people’s respect.
  8. How immigration can hurt a country’s economy.
  9. Does the financial value of a gift reflect a presenter’s true attitude?
  10. How does working in an office rather than from home affect an employee’s productivity?
  11. What kind of relations should former spouses keep after a divorce?
  12. Is being a professional athlete more harmful than simply leading a healthy lifestyle?
  13. Elderly people should not expect everyone to respect them for their age.
  14. Should the President have the right to run for the second term?
  15. Should drivers eventually be replaced by driverless vehicles?
  16. Marriage is an outdated concept which does not really bring any benefits.
  17. Can people go about their lives without watching the news regularly?
  18. Does religion serve more to unite people or divide them?
  19. Could technological progress have reached the current level without wars?
  20. Too much political correctness can tire people and have negative consequences.


  1. How to convince people to take full-time bloggers seriously.
  2. Why are people so hateful in online conversations?
  3. Can online voting become a reality?
  4. Can you remain an active member of society without keeping track of any social media?
  5. Employees should not be asked to share their personal social media profiles with employers.
  6. Can a good product succeed without a large advertising budget?
  7. How can content creators attract viewers without resorting to clickbait?
  8. How can one rely on online reviews and distinguish real feedback from fake?
  9. Do young people actually socialize more nowadays due to gadgets and technology?
  10. Many people don’t realize that free speech implies certain limitations.


  1. What is the best way to behave when you meet your idol?
  2. Do censorship and bleeping swear words make any sense?
  3. How movie franchises are hurting the industry and moviegoing experience.
  4. Should women fight against pop-culture stereotypes?
  5. How to make sure becoming a celebrity at a young age will not spoil a child.
  6. Why famous people cannot expect to have the same level of privacy as everyone else.
  7. Why beauty pageants are outdated, and girls should not be encouraged to participate in them.
  8. Should entertainers be promoting their views or keep them to themselves?
  9. Does fame make people feel lonelier?
  10. The idea of celebrities running for office should not be discouraged.


  1. A college education is not necessary to have great career opportunities.
  2. Should school students have the right to stop learning some subjects that are considered indispensable for a school program?
  3. Why making colleges single-sex institutions is not a solution to sexual offenses.
  4. Positive effects of comic books on forming children’s worldview.
  5. Should reading still be regarded as an intellectual activity?
  6. What is an appropriate form for teaching religion in public schools?
  7. Can music help to focus when doing homework?
  8. Is living in a dorm a crucial part of the college experience?
  9. How to make sure homeschooled children get the necessary socialization skills.
  10. What are the benefits of keeping a journal?

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