35 Great Sociology Research Topics and Tips on Homework Motivation

35 Great Sociology Research Topics and Tips on Homework Motivation

If you have to write a sociology research paper and don’t know how to motivate yourself to do homework, there are several things you can do to solve that problem. Well, the tips you are about to read can be applied to dealing with any type of academic assignment, but the list of curious sociology research topics at the end of this article will help you deal with that particular type of a paper. So, let’s start with a brief guide to writing a sociology research paper.

The great thing about sociology papers is that the range of topics is unlimited, and they are all relevant to huge groups of people or even the whole world. This makes it possible to find a topic which would interest you and make you want to conduct a proper research study. And there is no better motivation to do homework than knowing exactly what you have to do.

First, limit your options by choosing a certain field you feel enthusiastic about exploring. Then, make a short list of issues within that field that you would like to explore. To decide on the final topic for your sociology research paper, make sure there is enough literature and sources to analyze. The topic should also be relevant and not completely overworked. This will be better both for you because you will be more engaged in writing about it, and to your professor who will appreciate your choice and give you extra points just for that.

As mentioned before, there is a list of topics for your sociology research down the page, and you will find topics for other disciplines on Homeworkfor.me. Now, once you have your topic or maybe it was already assigned by your professor, let’s see how to do homework you don’t feel like doing.

How to Get Motivated To Do Homework

There are various methods to make you start working on your studies and successfully finish the tasks on time. Not all of them may suit you, so it’s up to you to consider which ones seem likely to have a positive effect on your productivity and working pattern. However, you might consider trying the less obvious options and be surprised by the results. We’re going to list the methods in no particular order, so there’s no guarantee the ones that come first will be more effective for you.

  • Find out the time and place where you work best. Try out different options, like getting up early in the morning or even sitting down to work on your assignments late at night, when no one will bother you. Also, experiment with the place: you might discover that a library, your backyard, or some nice quiet café is the place where your productivity and concentration are at their peaks.
  • Break your study process into smaller parts, completing which will mean you can reward yourself. It can be literally anything – an apple, watching a short clip on YouTube, playing with your cat for 5 minutes, etc. Also, treat yourself before starting your work so that you don’t feel too eager to finish it while thinking about something else. It won’t help if you feel hungry or curious whether anyone wrote you on social media. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time treating yourself before you have even done anything.
  • Speaking of social media and gadgets. If you are too weak to resist the urge to check certain sites or apps every couple of minutes, there are browser extensions and mobile apps that will block the distracting sites and apps for a specified period of time. So, you can try those, but they will only work if you realize the importance of using them and completing your task.
  • Many students find music very helpful. Not only does it block out all the distracting sounds, but helps to lift your spirits and feel good about dealing with your assignment. That, however, will not work just with any music. Although hard rock can have such an effect on some people, it may tire you faster. Also, lyrics may be too distracting. So, this is a good opportunity to get familiar with classical music. Jazz, instrumental music, movie or game scores, folk music, and sounds of nature will probably do the trick as well.

Those are some ideas you can use, and now to the promised topics.

Sociology Research Topics on Youth Culture

  • How being a part of subculture influences one’s future.
  • Cultivating sports culture among students.
  • The importance of musical education for children.
  • What causes nationalism among the youth?
  • Solutions for dealing with underage sex and the issues it can cause.

Social Media

  • Do social media help to fight depression?
  • Are celebrities who use social media more successful?
  • Does the usage of social media make people narcissistic?
  • Is it possible to feel lonely when actively using social media?
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter audience analysis.


  • Do people choose food based on the packaging rather than its ingredients and quality?
  • The importance of food education.
  • GMOs: pros, cons, and current attitudes.
  • How does technology change eating habits?
  • Do national food traditions help or prevent healthy food consumption?

Nationality, Race, and Social Inequality

  • The dependence between social status and patriotism.
  • The influence of racial and national stereotypes on their representatives.
  • The relationship between studying abroad and career opportunities.
  • The correlation between international marriages and conflicts on the basis of nationality.
  • The use of racial stereotypes in the media and entertainment.


  • Professions only men or women should have: do they exist and what are they?
  • The importance of traditional gender roles in the family.
  • What is the suitable age for teaching children about gender?
  • Resolving gender inequality issues at work.
  • Representation of gender issues in the media and entertainment.


  • The parents’ responsibility for a child’s behavior.
  • The importance of having two parents for a child.
  • Parenting at LGBT families: is it different from traditional families?
  • Methods for children to deal with their parents’ divorce.
  • How much do parents rely on nannies in bringing up children?

Social Issues

  • Are women as responsible for sexual objectification as men?
  • Does the feminist movement have negative consequences for women?
  • How much are people influenced by consumer culture?
  • Escapism in the modern world: movies, TV shows, books, games, social media, virtual reality.
  • What forms public opinion?

Hopefully, you found a topic to write on or at least got the direction for your sociology research paper. Besides, you should be able to fight procrastination. The important thing to remember is that you do it for yourself.

And if, hopefully not, but just if our tips on how to be motivated to do homework don’t work for you every time, there is still no need to panic. Just come to Homeworkfor.me and ask our writers to complete the assignment for you. We’ll be happy to make sure you still have a quality paper to deliver to your professor despite not having the drive to write it on your own at the moment.

The bottom line is you need to get the job done, whether by getting the proper homework motivation or asking professionals to do it for you!

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