Missing Explorers Between 1492-1877

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In the early past during 1492-1877, brave explorers decided to go around the world in discovery of new people, lands, and animal species and even for prestige purpose. Though the journey was challenging and dangerous some came back alive, the unfortunate explorers am going to discuss in this paper didnt manage to get back due to reasons like war, attack by wild animals, sickness and as a result of the war. Since during that period the most areas were inaccessible and the transportation modes were not developed, the journey was hectic and slow.

One of the major explorers who disappeared between the years 1492-1877 was the famous John Cabot who was well known as the Italian explorer and navigator, through the discovery of the northern parts of America in 1497.He was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1405, though no one is sure about the exact birthdates. Since much of the information about the date was lost. Historically, the exploration he pursued in the continent is perceived and recorded in the books of history to have been the first European explorer, who explored his continent since Viking share the same experience in the eleventh century (Mass). In the year 1497, when John Cabot was returning from the voyage during that time, however, John and his team disappeared from the map and were never identified from that year, with different assumptions John Cabot and his crew were lost in the sea. John in his young age was so obsessed by exploring the new land and sailing the sea. He dreamt about discovering faster and new routes in the Far East. Though John Cobat was so hardworking in mapping and coming out with new ways to eases accessibility, the government didnt collaborate with him by not offering support in his dreams of fulfilling his great ideas about getting to know different new access points and routes.

One of the major legacy and the significant achievement that Cabot was able to achieve as an explorer was that, he was able to get a quick accessibility to India and in the presence spotting a land, he and his crew were able to plant King Henry VII banner, claiming it to be an England property. After the journey, he came back to England where he was awarded vast an amount of money. This made most people believed that Cabot was one of the first billionaires in England (Mass). The last sail Cabot set was in 1498, the whole expedition involved five cruise ships, no one have information on the actual action that took place since the telecommunication equipment they were using by then lost contact with England.

George Bass is one of the prominent explorers who is known to have lived between the periods of 1771 to the end of 1803; he was able to pursue and explore the coastal of Australia. One of the major discoveries that George Bass was able to achieve was that he was able to sail for a distance which was more than eighteen kilometers; this was to explore the coastline of Australia proving that Tasmania was an island. Critically, one of the important memories of Bass was when he was sailing to the western port, he was able to meet a group of seven convicts who escaped and through his generosity, he gave promise to them that they were now safe and he will rescue them. He later sailed towards the southern coast of Australia, concentrating on the western port. During this time, they faced great hindrance that was caused by the high winds, making them dwell there for almost two weeks. Through his discovery, he went the place to be known as the Van Diemens Land because he suspected the presence of strait of water separating Tasmania from the mainland. The significant achievement during this expedition was that he was able to rescue the convicts on traveling back to Port Jackson after the exploration process which covered a distance of three hundred miles on the coastline that was unknown(Williams).

Bass and Flinders after arriving in Australia were able to explore the coast of the south of Sidney by the use of one of the tiny boat, recognized as the Tom Thumb. During this particular period both the two explorers were so young, with Bass being twenty-four years who was a surgeon by profession and Flinders profession was a sailor who had only twenty-one years, the explored the land which was in the southern part of Sydney and realized that the land was suitable for settlement. Unfortunately, George Bass in 1803 never came back and totally disappeared after he had explored the Pacific Ocean carrying a cargo which his principal aim was to exchange for money in South America. Some assumption has been rising that George Bass, during the time he was exploring the Pacific Ocean, he was captured and made to work as a slave in the Peru mines by the Spanish sailors (Williams).

Additionally, Juan Ponce De Leon is recognized to have accomplished the Christopher Columbus on his 1493 voyage, an exploration of the new world. He lived during (1460-1521). Ponce de Leon is well known to have led an expedition to the coast that he named Florida in the year 1513. With the feeling that, Florida was an Island he discovered he later sailed back with a new aim of colonizing the area in the period of 1521.However, all didnt go well since he was dangerously attacked and wounded by the Indians after arriving there.

Ponce was encouraged through the Spanish crown on discovering more lands; he was so curious with the rumors he was able to hear from the local Indians. They were talking about a unique island that was recognized to be the home of magical fountain or springs, whose liquid was so unique to offer rejuvenation to the individuals who were able to drink from it. The island was identified as the Bimini Island, due to his curiosity he sailed from Puerto Rico during March 1513 (Ayes).

The fourth explorer is Ferdinand Magellan who is recognized through his search of fortune and fame set out for Spain the year 1519 using a fleet of five ships that to explore the western route that lead to the Spice Island. He was the first person to discover what is identified as the Strait of Magellan and set the record of becoming the first European who courageously crosses the ocean of Pacific. The voyage that aimed at crossing the Pacific Ocean has been severely dangerous, long and full of stress and sickness (Bailey). Considering all the ship that went for the mission, only one ship was able to return, with the journey taking three years to be accomplished.

Magellan as an explorer was part of many expeditions both in Africa and in India and faced different wounds in many different battles. During 1519, Magellan fleet traveled from the sanctuary that is located in Spain and sailed all the way to cross the Atlantic Ocean which was the long time ago recognized as the sea ocean sea. During the journey, the ship was able to reach South America after traveling for the past one month. After reaching America, the ship was sailed southwards focusing on the coast, looking at the weak strait that was to create accessibility through the southern part of America. During October 21st, 1520, the crew and Magellan got into the strait he was looking for; hence he gave the strait his name. The journey through the strait has been severely cold, and only three out of five ships stayed to be part and parcel of the Magellan ship, the two other ships traveled in the direction of Spain (Kaufman).

The significant achievement that is associated by Magellan as an explorer is often recognition to be the first individual who circumnavigated the globe. Though he was not able to handle it once, he first traveled from Europe to the Island of Spice through eastward direction via the India Ocean and later move to continue his journey towards the west side. This directed him the Philippines. Through his whole trip; it was not from point A to Abut it involved a lot of branching points to prepare for the start of the new journey. Ferdinand Magellan was believed to have died on the voyage during the battle and never returned home.

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