The One Homework Help Website that Has Your Back

The One Homework Help Website that Has Your Back

There are anonymous help groups for people struggling with alcohol and drugs, gambling addiction, and any number of other problems. Meetings help people get their troubles off their chests, find understanding and support.

Can you imagine a meeting of homework haters anonymous?

“Hello, my name is Megan, and I hate homework!”

“Hi, Megan!”

The trouble is, there is no support network for either high schoolers or college students struggling with their assignments. And any time you complain about an unbearable workload, everyone turns on you. They call you lazy, stupid, or worse – the “P” word. Procrastinator!

No one wants to admit their dirty little secrets. They will point fingers and laugh, when in fact they are just not brave enough to admit they hate homework with as much passion as you do. It makes everyone miserable, wastes time, and is mostly plain useless.

Need help with homework? You are not alone! Look around, and you’ll notice:

  • The stuck-up crowd in your Business class is drowning in coffee trying to keep up the pace and not fall behind like most of your class.
  • The Statistics class know-it-all is running on fumes, despite being the first to the classroom and the last one out of the professor’s office hours.
  • The self-proclaimed leader of your Biology study group is grasping at straws and still failing to keep track of all the reading, quizzes, and papers.

Why do you think so many students give up long before graduation and leave college in the middle of the night to avoid public scorn? There is a problem with homework and the education system on a larger scale, but no one wants to admit it.

  • School administration is content with keeping the status quo. Changing the rules of the game would mean too much effort on their part. No one wants to encourage extra expenses if the old system works so well.
  • Professors are happy to assign more and more of the same papers year after year. These assignments are useless for students, but provide evidence of the teacher’s hard work. This translates into salary, bonuses, and tenure.
  • Students don’t believe they can change the system from the bottom up. Instead, the more enterprising ones offer tutoring services and make money off their less fortunate peers.

Bottom line is even if you indulge your inner procrastinator from time to time and have fun on campus, homework is a chore and a bore. Getting rid of it as soon as possible is in your best interest. How you go about it is your choice.

Homework Help for High School and College. Your Options

When a professor assigns homework, you have to do it. There is no other way. Right?

Now step outside your box. 
Think laterally. 
Engage your imagination. 
Power up creative thinking.

The conditions are: You need to turn in the assignment before the deadline.
The question is: How can you get a good grade without breaking a sweat?
The bonus question is: How can you get a good grade doing nothing at all?
Let’s start with the basic question and list some creative solutions.

Option 1. Take 30 minutes to google the topic of the assignment or read the Wikipedia entry. Now visit your professor or TA during office hours and turn on a voice recorder option on your phone. Use your Google wisdom to invent a basic outline and ask leading questions. I’m thinking of starting with [X] or [Y], which should I choose? Do you believe references [1], [2], and [3] will be enough to support the arguments? My thesis statement is [X], is it appropriate for this paper? The trick is to suggest legitimate options, and the professor will do the rest. They will talk you through the writing, and you’ll just have to transcribe your talk and clean it up. Rinse and repeat.

Option 2. Look for papers by previous year students. These may be published on your school website. If not, look up students who have taken your course over the last couple of years and contact them on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. Ask for samples of their papers to help with your studies. Rewrite the piece or smash a couple together to make your work original. Ideally, you should also cite them as your sources to prevent any accusations of cheating and plagiarism.

Option 3. Search for papers on the topic in a foreign language. Google Translate will take care of the translation if you aren’t fluent enough. Clean the translation, edit, and proofread. Cite the source and submit. Your professor won’t find fault with your writing.

Option 4. Use free online resources to get help with your assignment. This means posting your questions to Quora, Reddit, and Answers. You might have to wait a few days or weeks, but the chance of getting help is significant. You can even ask for writing samples and explanations on how to solve a Science problem. Khan Academy is one of the best resources for free online tutorials on most high school and college classes. However, you will have to invest your time and complete the assignment on your own.

Another way for you to skip useless assignments and do something exciting is to convince your professor to let you do an alternative task. You can conduct a student survey and analyze the results instead of a case study. You can also record a video and post it on YouTube instead of writing an essay. Hands-on design and construction projects are much more fun and useful than solving endless theoretical problems.

The trouble with all these and multiple other options is that you still have to take the time and work on your homework. That’s where our bonus question comes into play. Can you get a good grade without actually writing anything? Yes, you can! Just think as an aspiring business owner and delegate the less important tasks to others. As with our first question, there are several solutions to this one too. You can:

  • Exchange favors with your classmates. If you enjoy Literature and hate Physics, strike a deal with your peers. Write their literary analysis and let them handle your equations. The catch is that you can never know what grade your assignment will get.
  • Post a Craigslist ad to hire a homework minion. You can also use Upwork or any other freelancer platform to hire a writer. You will probably get multiple offers and have to screen them to find the right person for the task. Once again, your grade depends on how lucky you are.
  • Use a homework help web site. They come with a variety of services and price ranges. You will probably get a good grade if you manage to avoid scam and unreliable services. Read on to learn more about using this option.

The Best Homework Help Websites. How to Tell the Difference?

First, let’s go over the three common types of online companies that can help with your homework. There are slight differences that translate into pros and cons. Keep them in mind when choosing a college homework helper, or you might regret your decision.

Online writing companies can:

  1. Serve as middlemen between you and a freelance writer. In essence, you explain your problem in a chat window, and the bot or a human suggests a solution. These companies do not provide homework help for high school and college students per se, instead, they only connect you to the right people. Think of them as Uber for homework-averse students. The downside is that the company is not liable for any problems with your paper, as they do not provide the service. They also tack on a commission to your order, increasing your overall expenses. On the upside, you can honestly promise your professor that you did not use an essay mill website, and no one will be able to connect you to the writer, unless you forward your personal and school details to them.
  2. Set up a bidding system and let you choose your perfect writer. These homework help websites operate on the same principles as Upwork and other freelance platforms, but they specialize in academic writing. You will get multiple offers from writers with their ratings, reviews, and the number of completed orders visible in their profiles. However, the bidding process can suck you in and waste hours of your time, transforming the main advantage into a significant pitfall. Moreover, some companies just imitate the bidding process, and their writer avatars have nothing to do with the real people on the other side of the screen. In this case, no number of 5-star reviews will ensure a good grade.
  3. Operate as an online store for custom papers. These companies ask you to fill in the order form and take over all other aspects of the writing process. You won’t be able to pick the writer, but you will be able to communicate with them through the dashboard. As a result, you will spend no more than 30 minutes on your paper, and that’s including the order process, payment, chatting with the writer, browsing the preview, and downloading the final draft. Instead of stealing your right to pick the writer, these websites offer the ultimate freedom and extra hours of free time.

Does it mean some of these companies are a scam?

Not necessarily. In fact, the number of scam services in the writing market in quickly diminishing. However, even one or two frauds can ruin the reputation of the whole industry. Still, we want you to stay safe even when you are cutting corners. We’ll go over the checklist of selecting a reliable writing company and share the red flags you should avoid at all costs.

Find the One among Homework Help Websites for College Students

There are fifty shades of scam. Some websites flat-out steal your money and ride off into the sunset. Others deal out plagiarized papers instead of original work. Another group promises high-quality writing only to deliver an incomprehensible mess.

We’ll teach you how to tell the difference and ensure you get perfect pieces every time. Whenever you find a new homework help website, go over our checklist. Start from the top. That’s where we’ve put the critical time and money-saving points.

Reliable homework help sites:

  • Have a good reputation online. All of them will have 4 and 5-star reviews on the homepages or the Testimonials page. However, you should always dig deeper. Use Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and ScamFighter to check for recent negative reviews and company responses. Sometimes you can also find disgruntled reviews on the company Facebook page. Do not trust websites that have zero external reviews. Even negative reviews and mediocre ratings are better than no reputation at all. You’ll notice has an immaculate reputation supported by independent reviews.
  • Provide plagiarism reports. All websites promise to deliver 100% original work, but few can support this claim. A free or premium plagiarism report is always a good sign, and you should definitely order it to ease your mind and protect your academic track record. At, we check every paper for plagiarism using an internal system. However, we can also provide an official plagiarism report if you are willing to add a little extra to the order total.
  • Deliver free revisions. The website you choose should be willing to admit fault and revise the order without charging extra. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are inevitable, and your writer should meet you halfway and make corrections quickly without asking for any additional payments. writers are great, but even they are not infallible. We guarantee three revisions free of charge, even after you have approved and downloaded the order. That’s a promise few homework help companies are willing to offer.
  • Make support available 24/7. Some companies have standard working hours, and their support managers are only available nine-to-five on weekdays. Their schedule won’t work for you if you have questions on a Friday night or early Sunday morning. The support team at is always online, come hell or high water. You can reach out with any questions about our services, writers, or your order progress and receive a prompt and friendly reply.
  • Offer full and partial refunds. Most companies promise to return your payment, but once you read their money-back policies, you’ll notice it is nearly impossible. Once your money is out of your account, you will have to bend over backward to support your case. You are free to read our refund policy and request your money back in case your order is unsatisfactory and meets one of the conditions.

High School and College Homework Help We Offer is one of those reliable online homework helpers that don’t waste your time and produce good value for the money you pay. Still, homework is such a broad term that can include anything from scientific reading to writing your doctorate proposal. We can offer you both and everything in between. For example, you can order:

  • Scientific article analysis and summary. We’ll read it instead of you and summarize the major points you can use in class or when writing a paper.
  • An essay for any of your Humanity-track subjects. Our writers will research the topic, select reliable references, outline, and write a perfect piece your professor will love.
  • A problem-solving service for your Science classes. We handle calculations, tables, charts, and multiple-choice questions with as little trouble as any other paper.

We’ve also included a list of our most popular services to help you get a better idea of what classes our writers are ready to tackle for you.

Help with Math Homework

Math is by far the most common and most confusing subject every student deals with. Between algebra, geometry, trigonometry, integrals, and derivatives, it is nearly impossible to keep track of every axiom, theorem, and formula. Luckily, it’s easy to get help with Math homework when our academic writers are just a couple of clicks away. They can complete complex calculations and come up with the right answers every time, showing the process so that even your nitpicky professor won’t be able to find fault with your paper.

Statistics Homework Help

One step up from Math, Statistics becomes an increasingly popular class as the number of open data scientist positions skyrockets. However, the correlation between attending class, reading textbooks, and getting good grades is not always there. If you need Statistics homework help after getting stuck on confidence intervals or data distributions, you only need to fill in the order form. We’ll get the finished calculations, models, and charts done in no time.

Accounting Homework Help

If you are in pursuit of hard skills to put on your resume, an Accounting class can be both valuable and exhausting. It takes infinite patience to master the art of calculating profit, balancing the accounts, and addressing depreciation and amortization. If you can’t handle some of the more complex notions, put our Accounting homework help service to good use. Some of our writers have mastered the subject and can complete any assignment quickly and painlessly.

Physics Homework Help

Physics is one of the core classes students in Science and Engineering tracks have to take. While trying to explain the universe, Physics causes more misunderstandings and confusion than any other subject. It’s no wonder, so many students rely on Physics homework help to get through their obligatory classes. Our writers can work on the most complicated assignments for you, whether you need help with Newton’s laws, electromagnetism, special relativity, or even quantum physics.

Chemistry Homework Help

We offer the affordable and high-quality Chemistry homework help for college students, but high schoolers can make use of our services too. We handle anything from molecular structure and chemical bonds to thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions. Organic chemistry is also among our specialties, including stereochemistry, alpha carbon chemistry, and even spectrometry. Make sure you pick the right subject and paper type when placing the order, as calculations and chemical reactions fall under the problem-solving category.

Other Science Homework Help

Physics and Chemistry might be the two most popular science classes among our clients, but our writers can help with other subjects too. Astronomy, Cosmology, Biology, Health, Medicine experts are all available to you. With us, you get timely and insightful Science homework help. Just remember to provide as many details as possible about your assignment, and our writers will do their best to get you the high grades you want.

Of course, this is not the full list of school subjects we can handle. You can find your class in a drop-down menu of the order form. Even if there is no exact match, you can always pick “Other” and explain the details in your order description. We’ll take everything into account when selecting the right writer for your homework.

What Are You Waiting For? Get the Help You Need!

If you’ve gotten to this point, you know we wholeheartedly agree that homework sucks. It may just be the worst part of learning. However, you now have multiple options to ease your suffering and make most of your college years. There are online tutorials and crowd-sourced platforms to find answers to all questions. There are foreign language papers and translator software. Finally, there is an option to outsource your homework to people who actually understand and enjoy the subject and are willing to take on your workload in exchange for a return favor or money.

If you lean towards the last option, is an excellent place to start. We hope we’ve proven you can trust us with your homework and your good grade. While you are reading this, our writers are working on dozens of essays, case studies, and reports. Yours can be one of them! All you need to do is fill in our order form.

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