Helpful Ideas for How to Write Response Essay

Helpful Ideas for How to Write Response Essay

Every day in our life we come across something new and unknown for us. It may be a new book, that you peeked on the subway or bus in a person sitting near, or there may be an intriguing phrase you heard from passing person. All this can be so minor, but surprisingly cognitive. As for people who study in educational institutions, they are just champions in discovering new things for themselves, because teachers try their best to present as much as possible and convey to everyone all the important and not so significant things in this world such as researching the information about cosmos or exploring historical moments and arts of different periods, literature or biology. All of this is incredibly magical things. One of the most important, but no less interesting tasks is writing a response essay. Each type of essay has a few basic rules that are important and necessary to know. And if, while studying, you miraculously missed the speech of your mentor, then we urge you to read our article. We approached the writing of this article with huge trepidation so that you could catch up and do your job at a high level.

Response Essay – What Does It Mean?

Most likely this is the first question that comes to the head of every person who hears about such a task. Fortunately, as in many types of essay, there is nothing complicated in writing a response paper. It is only important to adhere to certain rules, which we will describe definitely and clearly for you. But first you have to get acquainted with this type of paper, and only then learn about how to write a response essay.

A well-written essay has to convey the emotions and sensations from any literary work. This is akin to analyzing text but more in-depth and laconic exposition. This type of essay shows how consistently a student can express his thoughts, based on the frames and questions that were asked to him.

With What You Have to Take a Start?

In order to start writing, you must examine your feelings, which has lodged inside you after the work you have read. Which topic touched the most? Whose storyline is closer to you? Find the answers to these questions in your head before putting it on paper. Response essay is a very interesting thing that allows a person to discover new boundaries of their subconsciousness, it teaches us to think in an orderly way and clearly express emotions, which is important not only for studying times but also for the everyday life of each person. What could be more beautiful than the fact that in any situation you will be able to convey your feelings and sensations with incredibly accurate words and in the most beautiful way?

Come Closer, Here About What Is a Response Paper

For any good teacher, your opinion about literature that you have read is important, and as we said earlier, response essay allows you to see it in the brightest manifestation. To compile a preliminary draft of the essay, the reader needs to highlight several important points, such as:

  • How much the story absorbs your attention while reading;
  • Has the author been able to convey the feelings of the characters, the atmosphere of what is happening in the book and the time period described in the book in an understandable way?
  • Are you solidary with the opinion of the author or with his method of transmitting an event;
  • What is your attitude to the story as a whole;
  • What can you tell about the relevance of the book for today?

These items will help to collect your feelings into a single picture, to form your own perception and opinion about what you just read because in any situation it is important to have your own opinion and to be able to explain it to the interlocutor or to the teacher. A person is very receptive to the opinions of others, and quite often there is a situation when the book is insanely popular among all his acquaintances, and the reader unwittingly takes it for excellent work, without even having time to think it over and analyze the words of the author. What if this story is not interesting for you? Suddenly this is not how you would act in a similar situation? It is important to remember that your opinion may be malleable, but it must always be accepted by you personally inside. So, what is a response paper? It’s your own thoughts with argumentations and a bit of criticism.

How to Start a Response Paper?

Determine for yourself, in your head, the style, and shape of the written text. Ask yourself the question: do you agree with the author? If you agree, try to choose the most successful moments you have remembered and tell why this has become so significant for you from the whole story. If you do not agree with the writer, you need to answer the important question - Why? What repels you from the words of the author, and what inspires distrust or an irritation? Could this be a character who acts excessively recklessly? In response essay, the arguments are important, so you need to provide them.

Hope that you understood the answer to the question - how to start a response paper, and we can proceed further.

The Main Things for a Great Essay

After we have decided on the basic meaning of the text for you, as a reader, it is important to create the structure of your essay. We have to collect all the thoughts and obtain the following writing sequence:

  • A description of your first impression of the story with examples from the book. Remember that the main thing is to be able to confirm your words.
  • What are the main faults you found in a story? And, as you know, there is nothing perfect in the whole universe, and even the most beautiful picture in the world will have its own faults.
  • Highlighting the merits of the book as a whole. It will be appropriate to explain why this is so memorable for you, with examples from your own life or the story of your acquaintances. Explain why you are so hooked by this.

What Is Not Recommended and How to Avoid Common Mistakes

First of all, a huge mistake is to postpone the execution of work for an indefinite period. Poorly planned time always leads to unpleasant results, such as:

  • sleepless nights before an important day;
  • making blunders due to haste;
  • poor results for the work performed;
  • overdue delivery of work, which teachers especially dislike.

Allocate time and start writing work in advance, and then you will be able to avoid such troubles.

So, we have to note important and not important points.

What is important:

  • create a preliminary structure of the essay, and making an approximate, illustrative scheme on a separate sheet;
  • tell about characters who have influenced you somehow. Describe your feelings about them and what exactly their actions get your attention especially;
  • make notes with quotes of characters. Support your opinion with short examples from the book;
  • tell about your perception of the author’s style and his idea;
  • express your agreement or disagreement with one or another event in the book;
  • explain why this book impressed you in a positive or negative way.

What you should not do:

  • keep a verbatim or brief retelling of the whole story, as well as rewrite the description of the characters in your own words;
  • interrupt your thinking at a couple of lines;
  • go deeply into the description of your own life or life examples.

So, What Conclusions Can We Do?

Writing a response paper is quite an interesting activity. It helps to develop thinking, as well contribute to the ability to organize your own thoughts for a competent presentation of them in writing. Also, competent writing of an essay gives you a huge advantage in the eyes of a teacher or a future employer, because it is a great way to show your professionalism and ability not only to write beautifully but also to argue for what has been said. After all, the correct argument makes people get into your opinion. This shows how much you understood what you read about, and also the fact that you seriously approached the task.

Concluding, keep in mind that you should not afraid to ask for help if you are confused. After all, it is good to ask about what you do not understand. It is bad when, without understanding anything, a person does not even want to try to understand.

We hope that our article helped you. Evolve your mind with us!

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