Essential Apps For College Students Recommended By

 Essential Apps For College Students Recommended By


As a student, you need to attend classes, various events, complete homework, projects, and written assignments on time. In addition, you need to set aside time for vacation, family, and friends.

It is challenging to balance all these aspects of your life and do not forget anything. But it is necessary to remain a student with a high level of self-organization and involvement in the studying process. 

In the 21st century, the life is much easier for students, because there are all kinds of applications that facilitate the learning process, and help to organize it correctly. There are also various apps for college students that help to stay in touch with peers and relatives, as well as provide an opportunity to monitor life and events in college. has identified and provided the list of useful apps for college students that make your studying easier and more efficient.


Educational Apps For College Students: Quality Studying

Studying in college can be stressful and exhausting. That is why you should find and try different educational apps for college students that facilitate the learning process and will help you to cope better and qualitative with assignments. 

Brainscape: make digital flashcards

Brainscape logo

When you make flashcards manually, it takes a lot of time, and it is not always comfortable to carry them with you. Therefore, it is the best application for creating digital flashcards. Besides, you can use flashcards created by other students, which can facilitate the process of learning new material or preparing for tests.

EasyBib: create citations

EasyBib logo

The main problem in the writing assignments is citations. But with EasyBib your writing process will become easier, as this app generates quotes. You can also purchase a paid version to get access to the anti-plagiarism and grammar checking tool. 

Focus keeper: study efficiently 

Focus keeper logo

It is complicated to balance your time for studying and rest. But with this app, you can set the time for focus sessions and breaks. It will help not to be distracted and be productive in your studying time.


Best Planner Apps For College Students: Stay Productive  

Studying at college, you need to plan your time. After all, you have an infinite number of schedules, events, tasks, and projects that must be completed on time. It is very difficult to remember them all and not to forget anything. That is why you may need an application in which you can specify everything and organize your time correctly, as well as receive reminders if necessary.

Besides, a properly organized learning process will help you stay productive and organized. This will help to avoid urgent tasks and sleepless nights. 

Therefore you need to find out your best planner apps for college students that will help organize your time and assignments. Pay attention to our list, and you will find an application that will cope with this task.

Productive: life-saving app

Productive app logo

With this app, you can effectively organize your educational process as well as set goals. Besides, you can track your progress and receive task notifications and reminders that you need to complete.

Google calendar: organize your time 

Google calendar logo

It is the best app to plan your day, week, or month. In the calendar, you can schedule classes, important events, or arrangements. You also have the opportunity to put a notification. Besides, there is synchronization, which allows you to use this application on your phone, tablet, and computer.  

Wunderlist: make the best to-do list

Wunderlist logo

During your college years, you may need to make to-do lists, and this is the best app for them. It is very comfortable to use this app in group tasks, as you can share lists with other students. In addition, if you like to use paper and notebooks, you can print your to-do lists.


Social Apps For College Students: Keep In Touch With Peers 

Studying in college is not only attending classes and doing homework, but it is also an active social life. Practice shows, friendship in a college is very strong, and there is a high probability that you will remain friends forever.  

Besides, in college, you can make useful contacts and connections. They can help you in the future, for example, when searching or applying for a job, as well as assist you in solving problems. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to attend an event or meet a new person.

But for this to happen, you need to keep abreast of all the events that occur on college and campus, and not to miss the news. Therefore, we selected three necessary social apps for college students. 

Twitter: keep up to date

Twitter logo

If you want to be aware of all the events that occur in student life, then you should sign up on Twitter. It is the best platform for students because you can subscribe and follow different accounts. They post news and information about events and arrangements that take place on campuses, clubs, or at the university. 

Boomerang: useful app for mail

Boomerang  logo

This app allows sending emails in a specific time and tracks the responses. Besides, it reminds you to read emails that you have not opened for a long time, which prevents clogging of your mailbox.

Skype: keep in touch with relatives 

Skype logo

This application is required if you are studying in another city or country. So you can maintain relationships with your family and see them every day. It is also convenient for group calls, for example, when you study with friends or carry out a group project.


Dating Apps For College Students: Find Your Soulmate

Studying and having fun is amazing, but feelings and love should also be in your life and, college is the perfect time for it. After all, you are surrounded by a huge number of people, and there are many events where you can easily meet someone and go on a date. has selected the most popular dating apps for college students that will help you find your soulmate. 

Tinder: find your love by swiping

Tinder logo

It is a free application for students who want to make online acquaintances and go on a date. You can swipe photos and choose boys or girls which attract you. 

Friendsy: new friends near you  

Friendsy logo 

If you want to make new friends on campus or your university, then Friendsy is what you need. It is a free application that allows you to find people who want to go dating near you.

OkCupid: you deserve better

OkCupid logo

It is a free dating site, but you can also download the application to your phone. However, there is also a premium account that you can purchase at will. 

OkCupiod helps you find a perfect soulmate because you do not just put a photo, but share information about yourself. You should tell your story and the things that you are passionate about. Besides, the application provides questions that you should answer. 

We hope that the information presented in this article is useful and you will follow our advice and try out several applications. We assure that they will facilitate and improve your educational process and life!

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